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The parent body towards schools they can be, And that's when it's fantastic to have a principle. Offer food to dogs. No joke. It really is important. What? Why you look one and run out the other correct. Sorry to have my head spinning here. You're saying that a key part of the design of a principal's office is to have an escape hatch? Yeah, absolutely. Virginia Tree Ali Weekday mornings from 8 30 on ABC Radio Milburn. All right. We are doing the history quiz on not life on this Sunday night, Suzanne. Hell with you 20 past midnight 20 past 10 if you're in the West And the invite mints, baby. Hello? Oh, no. Oh, I think I read the biography if it's so I'm thinking off the Lady Prime minister, but Realistic moment with that. So what's your answer, Andy? God. Yeah, that's gonna be the best. Worst thing. I think the one I'm thinking of is that I am Lady Prime minister anyway, and I think there's only one I have had terrible Is that right? So we sure on some Margaret Thatcher That's right. I'm afraid that is the encouraged on some know it was my guest. Okay, thanks. I didn't join the quiz. Great by David in milk, Holla. Hi, David. He recognizes you. Hi. Who was elected leader of the UK Labor Party in October. 1983. You know, I think with someone who didn't become prime minister, um loving major was a bit lighter around. Was it Bill kick? It was new Kinnick. Well done, devant. Question. Seven in August 1986 what object was found in a locker at the Spencer Street station in Melbourne, Australia. Uh, also, it was a painting. I'm going to need a little bit more information. Oh, The famous painting stolen. Oh, Was it? Jackson Pollock. Plenty. No, No, it wasn't blue Paul's. Well, that was a painting. All right. Thanks very much daily. Thank you. Bye, Brendan In Elwood's Brendan, it is not a question to do with the Turkish Straits. Thank you. What would have gotten you, Kenneth? Drunk? So that was Michael. Put the damn right. He got body was protest. I wasn't stolen from the National Gallery, Victoria Itwas Joint Ain't the name of it is my question. Mm. All tests are pretty good. Okay. All right. You can have it. The group claimed it. Installing the $1.5 million weeping woman by Picasso to protest against the.

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