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In radio all public schools are socialist all socialism fail all way you can't take socialism choline replace it knocked a half free enterprise poke kits play it sixteen just wicket every failure of every government institutions putin's every level of law enforcement that repeatedly fail if he want real security privately hired security and can't trust government should view dini thing to tax to give you a short spell that's called free enterprise have a great day by triple eight nine two one s h g e triple eight nine seven one seven two forgery of great call well article 1 section eight of the constitution does empowered the government to form a military with one of the fundamental responsibility the government by italy get your point about so many things that governments doing that the private sector could do and do better not least of which of course is healthcare we don't have a free market system and health to talking about that many times the incoming a few years ago the incoming head of the canadian medical association said in a polling her our system is imploding in the book i didn't say that she did this is the incoming head of the canadian medical association several years ago that equivalent of our matter khmer american medical association here you have the incoming head of the canadian medical association several years ago admitting that their system with quote imploding close quote lee um idea of private education about ten percent of americans educate their children in private schools most americans overwhelmingly obviously educate their children in public school why for much of our nation's history we did not have this government system we sort of did not have a department of education one of the departments that republicans constantly talk about shutting down in never deal.

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