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And the thing you always worry about playing the NIT at least early in the IT what kind of effort, you're gonna get. I think we've got no problem there in in that aspect in this game here. Both of these teams are flying up and down the court at both ends extremely hard. A lot of emotion going on a lot of competition gone on a little bit of John back and forth between these two teams this game matters, and you can tell by the intensity and the way that the flow of this game is going. It is a really fun basketball game to watch. If you love competition, he'll love big athletic guys banging into each other. The type of game that you love to watch for Indiana. I love the hoosiers have are at right now. They fall back into this game to the chance to take the leap Valderrama gets the pass into rob Tennessee, finally that full court pressure bothers the inbound pass, occasionally, it looks like Demonte gets it across the timeline. Devante takes it to the right Allama dribble against Reggie Cheney. Now books inside vice July mortgage, but the passes to tight, and it's kicked away and Indiana's turned it over for the sixth time here is Harris for three short three badge pulls out of their gives it up Cal Durham Durham down to Justice Smith baseline drive. He's cut off the ball's knocked out of bounds long Di you. I will tell you one thing there is not a pass. There is not a shock. That's not contested by Arkansas. Really athletic defense here. Switch a lot of ball screens and dribble. Handoff since because of that you might get some mismatches down low, but you've got five guys defensively that can kind of our guard almost any position. And that's why I say the advantage for Indiana thinks down low Molo block, you're trying to move the ball on the perimeter. You might have some troubles against us defense. Indiana gets the bad going Demonte scouted out front gives it off to rob Hennessy left wing ESI fakes against Isaiah Joe brings it back outside or the bass. Ranges up to Albaro now back to drain on the corner. He fires up a three and. For this Thursday night pointed Indiana's got its personally, the twenty eight hundred twenty five now here is Cheney will the ball past the Desi cells. He finds Kimberly Emory Simpson. Back in a ballgame now to Jones and back out to Emory Simpson. My apology that's actually Ethan Henderson now. Top of the key to Mason Jones. He works on. Fritzy back in the corner to Joe for a three it's off. The Mark pulls out the rebound. Green down. A floor finds Justin Smith takes an inside. He's going to be. Let's say a blocking. Nope. It's going to be a charge thought. It would be Justin Smith picks up. Number two. Justin goes into next year. That's the ply Dataman the baseline drive that he's got lemonade from his game. One thing that all good ball handlers. And I always a big, but he handled the ball, especially when the transition were. They really understand is how the defense is playing in. Where the drive in kick is Justin is always a couple steps to late kicking that ball out and it gets himself in trouble with offense. Afoul. He can get fifteen foot jump shot off that anytime he wants it. And that's what he just doesn't recognize the defense. Here's Jones throws it inside to Henderson. He puts it up Mr. Joon imposed rebound again down a Florida. Al Durham, he can't save. He does to devante quick three on the way. That's not gonna cow apparently Durham was on a line. What he say places while tough to hear the whistle. And nobody I don't think anybody heard it. But look look like outdoor Embiid step on the baseline that saving that basketball out to devante, but the taste feeling right now, even the Bank shots known in twenty eight twenty five leading Arkansas, here's Cheney left side passed the Jones Mason Jones holds on phrase it back out fraud slides to the right, still dribbling. It is. Joe near mid chord Joe holds on clears right to Jones Jones. Now looks up the clock sell it on the clock works down low forces up a shot blocked away by Jones or. And it'll belong to Arkansas with three seconds on the clock. Stop here. One minute and thirty six seconds left. Hoosiers have a three point lead. Arkansas got very limited time here to get a shot off here if you can stop the Razorbacks here and have a chance to push on transition and extend this leader this happens. That'd be really huge for the who's Jalen Harris comes in ambassador Jones for retry. It's no go to the rebounded. Ron Davis software. Devante in Indiana comes back up before quickly. Devante. Download John takes the pass down. Low is pushed by hand or two hands. No, question fouled. Erin. Henderson picks up his second follow again dribble. Nice job by Demonte green that extra dribble to get. You the angle that you need to wa- Morgan the ball before any offense. Even goes. It's just run down in your man as deep as you can decide the paint. And then a nice little bounce pass from your guard. Nice job by devante recognizing that one was opened. Inbound comes to Davis now to Juwan Morgan outside on the perimeter. Right. He drills it throws it back left mobster. Deflected away. I should say. And didn't do. Devante green. And you let go another quick one this went badly. Now. The rebound comes off the deshea sills data Florida Mason Jones Jones throws it out to Jalen Harris into the lane deflected pass out of bounds. Got a hand on it. Belonged Arkansas, so quick great hands. By Jon Morgan that pass was there. There was a there was an angle for the dump down wide open gets his hand on Valentine's. Does he sells? And he puts up a quick three and ferries were tied at twenty eight all sills has got a second three of the game. And is ten point one eight all tie were inside a medic. Wall. The hands of rob takes it to the right throws it out to Jerome between the circles goes left side. Now back to the wing down into the lane bass passage puts it up and is blocked by Reggie Cheney back. The other way comes Mason Jones. He drives underneath kicks outside the also boy in for a three and he missed it badly in the rebounded, Iran Davis and Davis will bring it up Indiana's..

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