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You know danika battery and come in bertrand baguette had lead in common we could keep up without mike king turned and said who won who won and paul page pointed said weldon weldon weldon weldon just like that and the the reason that he knew that worst because his son brian collins page worse but you didn't know about the middle anyway he was at the engineer for weldon and so paul it had more than an eye on that car all day and and how he was on top of that because if you go back and check weldon was fifth with two laps to go and then third with one apt to go frank hiti and dixon we figured our remember there was all our pitch top shuffle one time i think they were tense and eleventh and i remember paul page pointing to the monitor and we both agreed that's first and second right there there's there's your one to finish and everybody else's well we'll have to come in and what happened with energy i have no idea but frank he had to make to make us stop and was not a happy camper and then dixon slow down to save fuel which allowed welcome to go from from third to second then i and so that's just one of the bore unbelievable finishes of all we usually talk about secondplace finisher jr hildebrand when discussing twenty eleven because he was such an incredibly good sport in the face of what must have been crushing disappointment but we would be remiss if we didn't talk about the incredibly talented and greatly missed twenty eleven indianapolis five hundred winner dan wheldon what a loss for so many reasons and and from the south fish point of view he was so good for the event there has never been another driver idle thank that routinely made the point the indianapolis five hundred the greatest race in the world and that's just when we heard him in all you are used to say if if dan wheldon was on the pr pr staff and you paid him two million dollars a year salary you get your money's with because he's promoting have so much and the credibility because of the fact that he was such a successful driver so just from that point of view it was a huge loss number if you took a poll after the first seventy indianapolis five hundred's.

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