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And we've got some happy White Sox fans and those of us here at this radio station home of the White Sox. It's a really good morning, a wake up and go, man. Ryan's doorway company are going for it. You've added a top of the rotation starter and Lance Lynn the best closer, potentially in the game in Liam Hendriks. You went out and added Adam Eaton, you've gone out and still probably gonna add another arm. You got all this young pitching all these good young, talented players. Game on honey, How are you? You know how I'm doing? You know what I'm doing? You like my brother. I called him last night. You know what I'm doing? I am game was a blowout of call, and he's like I'm going to sleep. I call him back. He's like what's up? Liam Hendriks to the white side. What? Not all you know, I'm doing as the great Jimi Hendrix once said If the mountains fell in the sea, let it be. It ain't me. God my own world to live through. I'm gonna copy you now. If six is turned up to be nine. I don't mind. I don't mind. And I am turned up to nine. Almost attend left with this White Sox team. Let me tell you something. Or any fan cap. It is so important to have commitment to winning. That's exactly what you want. You want to be able to say hey, in the off season, I want that. And I want that, like the kid in a candy store says I want that I want that watch, and I have that because I want that. And so Sox fans the same way right? The feeling that Hey, you know what I want that I want to solidify the back end of that bullpen, And you know what they did in a pandemic Losing millions of dollars were the money cover Jerry money All of a sudden is just falling from the sky. It's like 1995 all over again. Do many thieves in Biggie having too much, buddy. This is hemorrhaging money. Albert Belle 55 minutes. I don't know where that the same thing here, Just like we have no money. No big welcome of George's. You think it really feels good brother really getting anything over there and even where we got the gates up, But no one's given that I got a basketball team to right, Jerry. Oh, yeah. Bulls. There's nobody United Center Here's Billy's out of it. What a minute You said you had nobody. You know, we don't drive away with a guarantee, right? But things will get better. Tony's Is it later, Hendricks everybody, But other than that sleight of hand. It's the magic man. He's jury rides door if you know what he is. He's the man with the hit the hand. Just the invisible hand is comes out of nowhere. He had no money and all of a sudden poof. There's my for Liam Hendriks. I'm happy because very few teams as you well know, we have documented this cap. Very few teams spending money. During the pandemic to try to get better. We don't even know when the season will start, really, But he's getting his guys lined up, ready to go. Got to love that is a Sox fan. You gotta love the fact that there is a commitment to winning. That's all a fan wants, and we got it on the South side. Are you jealous? God, Vance, you know, I mean, you should be, but you had to run to run. But you had to run now You gotta be able to come out from underneath it again, and all that has happened to some of the best teams, right? You're a Cubs fan. You say? Yeah, we got the World Series champion. We have sustained success. Never thought I'd see that now you got caught up on the other side. The same thing with those losses. I sat through How many games that watch Roberton to sleep in the dugout. It's hard for you to manage the ball club with you in a hammock. Robin, Get up cheese. Oh, you mean I got to make a pitching change? Yeah, Get up, Robin. Get up. You gotta actually manage the ball club. So Robin Ventura, who'd be talked into the job, right? So the Robin tour years saying what happened with Rick Renteria and now look at the ball club. Hi LaRussa. Not if you like him or not. You got a Hall of fame manager at the beginning of all this at the top of all this right? It is jury, Reinsdorf saying I'm going to right the wrong I don't care what you say. Rick on. I know you refute what I said, because you said at the press conference. It's not about righting the wrong spot. What jury wants? No, no Tobi righting the wrong In the eighties. I'm gonna get you Where is the championship? We should never fired you exactly exactly what he's doing, And so he's going all in. Against the grain. By the way, Physically, you know, you'd be fiscally responsible. He just leased spending money. Yep. Them with the Padres. That's your only two deep Yankee great DJ LeMay you yesterday, supposedly very critical of the Yankees. To his agent because they are not spending and that's where he was going to sign. You look around Who's who's spending money? The Padres and the White Sox? That's it. That's it. That's great. A three year deal. It's interesting. It's kind of a funky contract, isn't it? It is three years 54 million and then a $15 million option for the fourth year. Or a $15 million buyout so unless he becomes an ax murderer over the next three years Why would you not have my new roster? You don't want to give you the money and say Get out. God bless him. Yeah, it's White Sox are fired up. It's great. It's great, because no matter what happens, at least there's an effort. You could see it right. You have seen off seasons where the Cubs with the White Sox have a cursory moves. Well, we think that we could be better if we just have this veteran for young Cabrera average. What I mean the White Sox always have been about attractions, right? Almost my entire lifetime of the White Sox fan. It's The attraction. The guy that used to be good. You know what you know, could clip the turnstiles is bringing Tom Seaver. Adam was 300 the White Sox uniform. Griffey just you know what? Griffey Someone who Can he love Kindred? Who couldn't I mean, Kenny Williams, Love King. Great love. But you saw saw that he was long in the tooth, But you brought him in Kevin Youkilis. Many remain. You just bring these guys in because they're an attraction. If we bring this attraction in interest for a season, it'll click a few turnstiles. Now you have sustained guys. This guy's gonna be there for a long time. Mixture of young players and veterans have got me excited for the season. Rick Hahn deserves a lot of credit man. Southside. Tim just threw up in his morning coffee and Tell you what man. This team is poised to make a run commitment well on the north side, but not so much..

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