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Visit kids move. Yeah. Absolutely. It's rated G and a half. I think we were talking earlier this week or last week that you know, some movies just cannot be remade, and we shouldn't remake some of these Christmas classics, but I'm on board with this one. I am too. It's like bachelor party meets us mates. A groundhog day. David Schwimmer as cousin Eddy cousin Eddie. Fingers family after he finished his wife. Guy just wants to have a brave family Christmas. It's like a new frontier. New frontier system, not giraffe too. But. Back in Christ. If you didn't get the national Lampoon's Christmas vacation at is. Correct. Shockers equal. All right. I'm going to throw this out there because it's probably not that popular. It's got a cult following and stuff. I don't know if you guys. Yeah. If you when you hear the names, you'll get it. There's not many fill ins on this one because it's just the descriptions bucket fantastic. I need a noun Marc Jerry Garcia. Kinda looks like Santa Claus. Boanian need another noun county fair. Fair. Mark gimme a family member. Like mother father cousin something that red headed stepchild. Perfect. All right Boanian adjective feverishly. Cheesy too feverish. Okay. Okay. Bow. Give me a marquee me. A verb a verb moonwalking. She's to moon walks. Give me a noun. Bo. Pedestal. Chicken sandwich would have been good. Never not a good instance to use chicken sandwich. I think verb. Mark. Laminate? The okay, let's go with another adjective. Bo. Damn. Nope. Harshly. Markham another adjectives quivering back to blow. There's three left in need a noun. What you just give me two nouns bow. Okay. I'm gonna go with barge barge, not L debars. And what's second noun trophy? And then Mark gimme a plural noun rainbows. Colorful one. All right here, we go. See if you guys know this movie Mordechai Jefferson Carver aka the Hebrew hammer. Is in orthodox Jewish. Jerry Garcia goes to the county. Fair to save Hanukkah when Santa Claus evil Sunday Mian is pushed over the edge by his red headed stepchild feverish policies. He moon walks with the Christian patriarch subsequently stepping into his father's role. Damien launches a pedestal to laminate the Jewish holiday. The hammer joins forces with Esther bloom in Bergen Stein in doll, the harsh and quivering daughter of the leader of the Jewish Justice league and his brother and arms. Mohammed ali. Paula Abdul Rahim the head of the kwanza Liberation Front to topple Santa's evil barge into see the trophy for future generations of rainbows. Will March talking about the LGBT community, obviously. It's a new holiday classic. Try to didn't wanna go all Christmas. So we went with a Jewish classic. Here. The Hebrew hammer. I figured that was the Christmas episode of grace under fire starting the great Brett Butler. No. It's actually it's a will. And grace. So when does that one come out straight to video? Two thousand three actually cannot say that I've actually caught the Hebrew hammer on odds will go fuck and watch the Hebrew hammer. It's it's got Andy dick in its, you know, its own wallet. Yeah. It's good one. Hebrew, hammer is actually Adam Goldberg which Adam Goldberg because there's two there's like the Adam Goldberg from dazed and confused and higher. Yes. That one not the guy who writes, the TV shows the Goldberg. Yeah. Not the guy that had the undefeated streak in WCW, not the same. All right. That would be fucking awesome, though, if he was the Brammer that would make sense. All right. So who's next? No. I get it. I I. Yeah. Okay. Bad. Fuck you..

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