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I mean. She could to me like to me. I put her in like the megan fox category. You watch she actually. I always associated two of them together. I know there is a similar similarity in energy. I have no idea astrologically but yeah there is right. What is it just so powerful. Yeah i think. Obviously they're both beautiful. But i think there's definitely both of them have an edge to them. That is a very attractive quality especially in hollywood at. I don't know. I always have just associated them to be very similar people. I don't know too much about olivia munn. I've always really liked her. I find the roles they play to be somewhat similar as well I'm sure there's also an element of being centralized from a young age in hollywood that applies to both of them. We know that about megan fox. I believe a libyan Also is somebody that that applied to as well so yeah. I think that there's definite similarities. There there are. And i think if i had to choose a set of words to describe what i'm thinking about as i think about it like kind of both off this take no shit attitude which i find to be really attractive Woman right. I also think they look alike will. They're just so gorgeous. Yeah anyway so. We'll keep you guys posted on that and also unrelated kind of but has we ever found out a livia months thoughts on aaron rodgers and saline woodley no. I don't think we have. But that could also be because. Aaron rodgers was with dan patrick in between that. So maybe the idea of him being in a serious relationship. She's already moved on from the idea of because there was one in between and it wasn't just her to saline woodley. Yeah very possible. i don't know. Watch the space guys will. Hopefully more will develop coming next week. I hope so. I think we're gonna see start to see that typical Out to dinner in. La paparazzi photo emerge like a crag situation. Oh yeah. I think we'll see a little bit of hand holding it'll be just enough evidence to know something's going on but not enough that we can a hundred percent confirm it. It'll be interesting to see. Well let me tell you something we on this very podcasts manifested. Acording travis megan. Mgk doubleday paparazzi picture. And we got that so from our mouths. God's ears true keto so you guys know. I'm not really a big drinker. But i do. Love heart seltzer. I just find it refreshing. I like a little buzzer to gives me and recently have been really into busy. So busy is the first heart seltzer. That's crafted with antioxidant vitamin c. And it's actually extracted from admiral. A cherry which is a super fruit with thirty times more vitamin c per cup than orage and obviously there are million hearts out on the market. But something i like about. This is that it has eight bold dual fruit flavors. So i'm going to tell you that. They're pineapple mango black. Cherry lime strawberry kiwi berry pomegranate papaya passion fruit watermelon strawberry blackberry lemon and raspberry tangerine and then also in april. They launched their own lemonade. Heart seltzer four flavors watermelon peach raspberry and strawberry personally for me. I just like anything strawberry but they really are all delicious. And then it's five percent. Eighty the one hundred calories and less than one gram of real cane sugar per can also. The lemonade is zero grams of sugar. For a twelve ounce serving so upgrade. Your heart seltzer too. Busy to find out where you can purchase busy busy heart seltzer dot com slash. Cbc that's busy heart seltzer. Dot com slash. Cbc must be twenty one or older so next thing you wanted to talk about was prince. Harry was on armchair expert last week. Which is dax shepard's podcast co hosted by monica madman and get into some of the major takeaways. But just in general. It's so crazy to me that we're in this world. Where prince harry's like casually on dax shepard's podcasts. That would never have happened a few years ago and to me that is such a small thing but it's so representative of really there into la life. Into hollywood i don't wanna say into normalcy because none of this is normal but just even the ability to be able to go on a podcast. Which would have never happened interesting. That you say this shift into normalcy. Because that is the thing that always surprises me about prince harry especially with what we've seen of him recently. The interview with oprah the new show us with over coming out about mental. Health carpool karaoke. He did the normalcy of him. Is it just catches me off guard every single time and obviously his life whether it was a royal life or in. La life is not normal by any means. But there's just something about what he's saying and the way he speaks and the references he makes and the things. He's aware of in terms of media and entertainment. It just catches me off guard. Because i don't expect him to be aware of any of those things when you think of prince harry in the lifestyle that he's lived. And what your view of the royals are you. Expect that all of these funny references that he makes talking about joe rogan talking about when he was games courtney new the fresh prince of bel air themes on you expect these things to be things that are just go over his head entirely because he wouldn't be aware of them and so for him to be talking about these things in such a normal way was my biggest takeaway from the whole interview. I know you're so right. I feel the same way. It's this repeated. Taken aback. That i am and i feel that i have watched enough things that he has been in. And i've heard him talk enough to not feel that. But i think a lot of it did come from the fact that it was a podcast which i always really intimate form of communication but dax is like a very regular guy for being famous in his wealthiest he is and i think what i really appreciate it which i think. A lot of people feel just listening to armchair expert in general. This happens but harry was down to just get right in it with him. You know there was no sense of kind of to me. At least it didn't feel like it took him a moment to get comfortable. I felt like he was right there to make those jokes and to engage in some of the humor that dax does in a way where it just felt very comfortable. It did it felt incredibly comfortable. It felt like. I don't even know. I just listened to the entire thing and was so interested by everything both of them were saying and the conversation that we're having i think that's what it is about. Prince harry also is that he has such a good grasp on everything like when he's talking about mental health. He's talking about family. He's talking about therapies talking about understanding and immersing himself in this new culture that he's a part of that's different than his old culture and he just seems to really grasp everything and speak about it in such an intelligent and informative way that i think that's also why when he says reeling normal things. You're like how how're both of those things existing at the same time but they very much do. Yeah and i think for me. Just like prince harry aside. I always will appreciate anybody in the public eye. That talks about their experience with therapy and mental. Health is openly as he's doing just because i think only good can come from that for the greater good. Of course i recognize. There's very big promotional to this. Because they're apple. Tv series with oprah actually premieres today but it was that coupled with fact and then we'll get into some of the actual takeaways but clearly different experiences..

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