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Now is he a tall relative it depends on what you're talking to is he a fourteen million dollar guy? Is he a twelve million dollar guy? Is he a fifteen and a half million dollar guy? You know what, what, what's the value can do you believe does does less need in Sean McVeigh believed that they can go? Find another robber woods at eight million dollars a year and get the same type of production. That's the question, isn't it is what's, what's the of the production, relative to the price of a player relative to the market? I don't think I don't think that they can go find another robber. Woods at eight million dollars a year. I mean I it's very easy. You know, reciever the receiver position is, is was the word that I'm looking for. It's, it's the receiver position is, is basically flavor of the month. What do you like you know that s that's what it boils down to because there's certain receivers in the league that can thrive in certain situations. But if you take him out of those situations and you put them somewhere else, they can't do those same things, and I don't believe in oh he's the one he's a two. He's at three that doesn't that doesn't really mean anything because it's all situational Cooper Cup can be your one if you throw in the ball thousand times, and that's what you wanna do. You wanna make him. You're one you can Cooper Cup can have fifteen attempts and catch Tanna gain. But is the defensive coordinator gain planning to stop him is a defense coordinator game plan to stop that guy that she thought about fifteen Alexi sixty. How many guys are there that when you're getting ready that week and you're putting together your defensive game plan that you're the first thing you're thinking is I need to stop that. Wide receiver. They're five of those guys in the holy might be. Maybe ten okay ten so I mean it's twenty two teams don't have that guy. So now you're teams don't right? So that's Seattle have one. That's what I mean. So you had to San Francisco have won, what am I paying for exactly? Because look the fact of the matter is since Robert woods came here a couple of years ago. He's been their best wide receiver. They've tried Sammy Watkins, they put him Brandin cooks who's been really good Cooper Cup. They drafted who's been really good. But the most consistent, the guy that's made more big place for them in the receiver position than anybody is Robert Wood. I would, and I would rather have robber woods, then cooks. Okay because I could find the guy to take the top off of it. I go right down the street seventy seven there's a do right now. I swear to you, I can go to the closest seventy Levin, Figaro and king, and I can find me due to just run. They're, they're walking around, but I can't find a guy they could play multiple positions. Can do multiple things. His hands a extremely reliable. He snotty fast. He's tough, you can't find that guy. There's a premium for those type of guys. But is that premium at the top of the heat or is it in the middle and your QB has a certain degree of confidence and chemistry with no question? And you don't want, especially if you're having second thoughts, and I think a lot of people are about whether or not is Sean McVay more than Jared golfers. Jared Goff responsible. You don't wanna pull the rug from underneath them and take away his second favorite target. I think Cooper Cup is still it's favorite target. But Robert woods. Israel big place. But I was about say that's not true. I know he's made more big plays..

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