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Ad council forgive balls and strikes a national league baseball umpire made a call wednesday afternoon that save the woman's life john tom pain was crossing the roberto clemente bridge in pittsburgh that when he saw woman scaled the bridge railing unable to talker back onto the sidewalk dumping grabbed her arms and man grabbed her legs too together they held her there until police arrived one way is not on my lives please and hang on tom pain rejects the idea that he's a hero says he's just happy the woman is safe shocking criminal charges filed against the top religious official in australia victoria police had charge cardinal george pell with historical sexual assault offensive as victoria deputy police commissioner chain patented in melbourne cardinal pelvis pope francis chief financial advisor at lake were just the is that the cardinal says he has taken leave from his position in the vatican but will not resign cardinal pillow calls the charges against him character assassination and says intends to return to australia to clear his name federal prosecutors in orlando or arguing against attempts by the widow of the pulse nightclub shooter to have charges against herd dismissed the wife of now did pulse nightclub attacker omar mateen is hoping a federal judge will dismiss a charge of obstructing justice noor salman was arrested almost a year after the attack accused of assisting her husband in plotting his shooting rampage at the lgbt friendly venue in 2016 in but her lawyers say she can't be charged in the orlando federal court with obstructing justice said she's accused of lying to investigators in south florida different jurisdiction the prosecutors say the charges are warranted in miami evan brown fox news.

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