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It's establishing right like you you care about rachel summer so you're invested in. What's happening to her. Even if like the surrounding her seems a little frivolous and goofball. What like. I think if clermont's in this mode of like i'm telling too many stories at the same time and i'm a little distracted and unfocused in it's it's just a little too madcap which i think. He does a lot across a lot of his books often. I think i'd almost prefer here. Then when he's being very serious in very dramatic and very like melodramatic almost because like. I don't love these. But like i i had a good enough time these like. I don't know the breezy enough and it doesn't maybe it's just because i'm tired of the like the very serious very growly people you know no quarter asked. None given claremont That him doing the breezy thing. At least like i. I appreciate that in like have a little bit more fun with that because the other the other one is so exhausting to me the other mode like we'll get to know for sure. There's there's a tone to it that he's actually appealing. I i mean. I do like to their their stuff. Actually like twenty four allow more than twenty five because twenty four is all about the seattle crew being Basically there with saturnine there with so saturnine is the universal majestic okay. I don't know how much we've dealt with in the past. But she is. She comes into play big. Time in. like. The alamo. Renown davis ron which i referenced. A lot in the eighties. Marvel unlimited unfortunately But she like overseas the omni verse. Okay the omni verse in marvel is the collection of marvel maltesers to. That's where we really start to get this idea of okay. All of these versions of earth's that the mutants that excalibur team has been traveling to set your like the one who oversees all of that. And that's kind of where she resides. Okay so the excalibur crew is kind of on her plane there on her dimension there in her level in the starlight citadel in saturnine in particular is like the phoenix is something that is a threat to realities. That is what i watch over. That is what i try to protect. I need the phoenix okay. So that's kind of the crux of that issue. And it's actually quite fun. Because you have rachel summers dressing up as kitty pretending to be her. You know with with half hearted charm writes In lockheed of course you know getting inter-business and then all sorts of hijinks ensue. It's very up. Alan davis's alley gets to return to all these different captain britain goofy characters on that issue. Actually think is pretty successful as an excalibur issue. It's twenty-five where it's like ogle. Actus is here but it never feels like a galactic sized threat even though we're allegedly were backing them in her own reality. You know. I i like this one I had fun with this. Even though at some point. I absolutely lost the thread and what was happening. One hundred percent lost entire touch with like who was what what players were like off of each other towards the and then i got the vibe of what's going on you know. 'cause collectors comes in his. I'm going to destroy the phoenix because the phoenix is the only thing. That's a threat to me. And then through a really long complicated process. Rachel summers decides to sacrifice herself instead of gladness destroying the earth. And then someone convinces galactic..

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