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The Dan Patrick show app or Dan Patrick dot com. We did talk about this at dinner. The other night. Seton, didn't we talk about doing a calendar. Yeah, that's sort of been in the mix. You know, we've been kicking that around for solid five years. I think we each get two months and then we'll do like two more group shots for for each. So any kind of picture you wanna pose for? We could do that for the DP show calendar. Yup. I call October. I mean, you could add if there's a month draft you got. I mean, I never ask for much. Gotta have Tober. I'll take any other month. You wanna get. Okay. It doesn't matter whatever month. I mean for me it doesn't for me, doesn't matter. October's off the board. All right. You guys would you guys do this and now fritzy's already had enough pictures taken in the last two years year and a half that we already got stock photos do a recent one. Oh my God, this one. Okay. I don't even know how to, okay, you know the the movie, American Beauty. Remember that with Kevin Spacey and you had the the high school girl that he falls in love with. So there's a net banning is in it in it's it's a, there's a creepy shot where there's all these rose pedals around her, and it's in a dream sequence for him. Oh boy. Well, for t- recreated that and it's part of the, it's the season two trailer for making a comedian. We're gonna have that for you soon. It is disturbing life, changing event that is disturbing. I will say that and green lit this, I thought, okay, you know, the French kid goes, I got an idea for season to making a comedian, and all of a sudden he told me and I went really so Tyler. The creator had to go out and get all of these rose pedals, and he had to put them around in nature. Fritzy. Yeah, point. When we see this photo, will we ever be able to unseat it? No, then that's what I said. As soon as I saw it, I said, I can't unsee that now. You can't ring a bell non perr yourself. Yes, I'm kind of looking forward to seeing it multiple times on national television. Yeah, yeah. Over and over again. Yeah, but the hot. We got the hot take beach. It's it's there on Dan, Patrick dot com. All right. We'll come back. Got a couple of stats. The wanna bring to your tension mclovin had something that you want to. You told me to wait for the save it. Okay. Do you want to give a tease for this? It is surprising Vegas, odds on a certain NFL award. Very surprising. Okay. We'll come back with that right after this in Latin Ibrahimovic of the galaxy will join us coming up. Final hour here, Dan, Patrick show attention. The jocks have had enough. I'm what Tila spin it. And I'm the leader of this revolution and sticking sports. So join me a revenge, the jock right here on podcast one, I'll cover a broad spectrum of what it means to be creative and activist, and just the guy trying to change the world.

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