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Going what kind of data are you at this point with your dad given so much shit have been go to Europe and fuck off got to give stand gets on your record. That's a real statement that people say well you gotta get them on the next Girl and a boy my son withstand get in my head. Stan Getz is the most laid back cat ever because all playing things like that. Like staying gets on Huey Lewis Record. You be like Rockin you get to the Sax Solo and it'd be like that's his. That's how we get. We had to find out We find a song and Chris Hayes. Guitar Tarp Player wrote this little jam. I thought this would be great and I so we. We did a demo of it and I talked at first all around the world. There are people people like you and me For the Poor's beggar in the street to richest King and Queen while the Book De Things Waylon and I was just kind of talking against it. which is Kinda cool? I thought all right and then and then and that's all we had and we and I sent it to gets and he he he said great. I'll do it so we've made an appointment to do it. And then and meanwhile we put tower power on it we all the power horns on it and I sang it. Ice Sang it instead of spoke it so he comes up to do it at the session comes MHM studio. DDS drive he comes out he puts on gets his worn out he goes out and he starts pointing us. Oh my God. It's in C.. Sharp I mean it's it's it's out you'll see sharp for for for tenor right. You know yeah. Is it concert okay. So be concert really. Was it in concert. It's a whole step is ten. I was trying to play grown-up. I wonder if we were real. Whatever that's the things funny or something like that and you can't suck the and I said wow I didn't think of that what I guess we could train via so it or something he says really? What does that mean? I'd say. Well we could slow the deep down. You play okay. Let's try it so we tried to do that. And it sounded like kazue exist. Don't worry about I'll just do it. He says what I said. You sure. He's yeah it's just a challenge for super when you say that all the time now gets goes out and and he starts thing and Oh my God clearly he had shedded it and he was he was just fooling he. He had to shut it out because he played it. And and and what was amazing she starts his solo and he's playing along real nice and all and here comes tower. Power bump bump on it now but don't let it you know and I and the big one. They goes up now and so in his headphones. Eagle is. He's he's playing along but DVD dubiton. Bob and then then you're about I mean it was such a musical lesson watching him react to when stuff the busy he went low he got busy with the was. It was unbelievable watching him. Play one of the. I'm great experiences of my life. I mean those are the most polar opposite things I've ever heard of tower power and Stan Getz it's still and it was a seven minute track and I got the idea of splitting it up up. Make it at first and last cut which was a complete mistake. I should've kept because his solo on their which is part two is the best musical moment on that record by a long shot I mean wow it's just really cool. He just such a great player. I I just thought about something. We gotTA rapid upson. We have one more question. What do you mean? So you're the bus. No because I'm about to good move. Forgot Your Robert Altman film Sir. Are you going to move. No no I was like you know hacked down. You know what I'm saying like your before that Bullshit Louis Her Did you ever fuck with chromatic harp. Because you're such a diet tonic harp player. You're known for that like that. Always carrying like eight different harps and different keys and shit sorry all right sorry with chromatic arm. Yeah but I what I do is play secret. Matic in D minor third position. Why would you laughing at? That was because no one would do that. That's why it's interesting guy sometimes like it's okay. So here's what you know the average I'll explain this in front of Louis and I'll feel real fucked up about it but I'm trying. Yeah so so. A HARMONICA HAS BOBA holes in a specific key. And its diet. Tonic means scale. So it's like C or D or e or F so most so let's take for a bad example like John Popper of blues travelers carrying around eight hundred different harmonicas in different keys so they can play in different keys. A chromatic harmonica is like something that Steve underplays underplays which has a little button on sides can middle But you can always you can play all know their notes whereas the other ones are just eight notes although unless you're Howard Levi right unless you're wow that was cut unless you're Howard Levy a great great or toot toots and Leo. On the original awesome people go real deep anyway. Such a great music last so so so so huey is known as not a chromatic player but a guy who would would did you carry around a bunch of different unharvested. Yeah okay so so so He was the news tunes written a and e. and Sarin see minor. Like there's some weird shit so you'd have to adjust the harmonic. You're playing for the song you're playing so he would carry around. Tell me if I'm wrong. I'm GONNA tell he will lose his business while he's sitting right here that like he would play. He's had different harmonicas in different keys. He's and so if you have a chromatic are Monica the ideas that you only have one xactly now. You should talk but you have to be a much better player than I mean. You're put you know all you need is the chops to say what you need to say. And what is that. You want to say hats. Yeah and there's flog raw is what it really whatever I mean. You know. It's it's it's all creative. Yeah Dude Man man spirit. And I wouldn't mind.

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Stan Getz, Huey Lewis, Louis Her discussed on Questlove Supreme

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