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Want to go out represent ole miss at mit football games luke will be paid five hundred thousand over the next five months to be head coach that's an addition to his annual salary as the cooperative coordinator of six hundred sixty thousand dollars and i've now for a guy was nine catches over the past two seasons in dallas lucky whitehead certainly made his show of headlines over just the past week last week he was introduced because he announced on social media who's puppy had been dognapped in was being held for ransom and he was in search of those responsible this week he's been released by the cowboys after the team learned the white house was arrested for shoplifting in virginia about a month ago and then failed to appear for a court hearing on july six which resulted in another charge according to online records cowboys coach jason garrett relief unlucky as i mentioned the scotland through this morning were gathering information as we gathered more information on to work a handwritten conversations we have what about the situation would put that in the context of his career are overlap last year so solved the best decision of the dallas cowboys with early with only does good for us going forward hopefully will be good for their little laker handled he said here at training camps getting underway around the nfl espn reporter stephanie with talboys he did say this morning after the walk the team was gathering information would respond accordingly he also mentioned that they would really rule out putting any player releasing any player if the legal situation would merit obviously they felt it did and lucky white hit is no longer part of the dallas cowboys it is worth noting that his agent did mentioned that this is a case of mistaken identity and that he wasn't even in virginia in.

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