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Week, George Floyd at protests in Denver while they did remain peaceful for several hours, but unfortunately tear gas was deployed just after midnight to disperse the remaining crowned six, fifty, one, now thirteen, ten, Kfi a thirteen ten kfi gay dot com mornings week AOL fueled by Great Western Petroleum live and local. The Auto Collision Specialists Studios worked firm piece by Hindi in the Denver. Post Denver Police chief, Paul Payson linked arms with protesters, many of them black Monday evening walk past the city county building, as demonstrators began the fifth day of protests over the death of George Floyd at the hands of police officers in Minneapolis achieved police, officers, and other cities have. Have mingled with protesters, including holding signs and kneeling, but this was pays its first time meeting face to face with demonstrators, the images of the chief and his regular uniform, and wearing a cloth masks to protect him from the corona virus provided a contact trask to images of Denver police officers in riot gear, firing tear-gas at people during a previous protests. That's an interesting statement, and is it a political statement that should perhaps not be in an unbiased reporting of events, because unfortunately it seems to be a rather dunning assessment of what police are having to do in order to maintain some semblance, some semblance of order as protests spiral out of control throughout the country. Seventeen year old Ashir Campbell said that as she watched with Faizan. She told him I'm tired. Chief. She went on to say this needs to go out to all police departments. Justice needs to be served to all lives right now. Black people are targeted. Enough is enough. Now as on previous days months, Monday's demonstrations began peacefully with people assembling outside of the Colorado Capitol for eight minutes and forty five seconds. This is the amount of time. Minneapolis police officer Derek Shaaban held his knee on the back of Floyd's neck. Hundreds knelt in silence on the State House lawn, but Tension continued to increase, says night fell and the curfew approach to mayor Michael Hancock extended a curfew imposed on Saturday, but change the time to nine PM nightly through Friday and just as the clock struck nine, an estimated one thousand protesters marched along Welton Street we want justice and blank. You're curfew, but police were not obviously visible on Sunday police held off until more than an hour after the curfew past. More than two hours after the curfew pass several hundred people continue to March, pausing to lie face down in the street with hands behind their backs and occasional firework would burst overhead, and a recording aired over a loudspeaker. Warn people against violating curfew, and still the police stayed away doing their best to de. Escalate the situation finally. Around Midnight Denver, police fired, tear gas at the remaining protestors, setting them scurrying through the streets, most appeared to be headed home. Now protests over Floyd's death began Thursday, nights in Denver brought days of unrest, as thousands chanted and marched over the deaths of black people at the hands of law enforcement. The demonstrations have also erupted into violence with police officers, firing tear-gas and foam bullets at protesters as people vandalized I. Love I love the sentence structure here. They disintegrated into violence as police are reacted reacting to the violent acts of the protesters. It seems to me that well. That's a little cart before the horse. They're showing a very distinct political viewpoint and perspective, because it appears as though police across the country are trying doing their utmost once again to protect property to stop looting to stop the violence and police coming under siege as well. Think about this for Saint. Louis Police officers were shot. At George Floyd protests, you had another officer shot in Las. Vegas sergeant was run over by a speeding SUV in the bronx I mean. It's spiraling out of control and I understand the outrage and certainly appreciate the peaceful protests relative. To the situation that led to the death of George Floyd, but once again, why are we stereotyping law enforcement, who is simply trying to maintain some semblance of public order as these protests continue to escalate around the country and along those lines. We're going to check in this morning at seven. Oh, five with. Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith and get his take on this entire situation. Well, it seems in some ways and I don't think that. I'm going overboard with this assessment, but check me on it if you will, it seems that law and order in this.

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