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Emerge from voluntary administration by the end of October. I'll have lots more on this story and the Future Virgin Australia later in the episode. But first, let's have a look at what else is making news in the world of Airlines and frequent flyer points for nine. And I the Israeli government this week extended its outbound travel ban by another three months in a move that was widely predicted. The ban on Australian citizens and permanent residents from leaving the country without an exemption was due to expire on the seventeenth of September but it will now be in place until at least the seventeenth of December and the ban is likely to continue getting extended until visit vaccines. But there is some harp, a recent federal government budget update cited and suction that Australia would be allowing some international travel again from January two thousand and twenty one albeit with two weeks of mandatory quarantine upon returning. Currently Australians can only leave the country if they qualify for an exemption on one of six grounds though is being that travel is part of the response to the kind of nineteen outbreak that it's essential for the conduct of critical industries and businesses for receiving agent medical treatment, not available in Australia agent and unavoidable pestle business traveling on compassionate grounds oil traveling in the national interest. Today to around seventy five percent of applications to leave the country have been rejected by Boorda photos but it does seem that more people are now getting approved then a few months ago. An indefinite ban on leaving this country is highly unusual among Western democracies even during the pandemic, some legal experts have argued that it could even be a violation of Australia's human rights locations under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. And Lynn payday Shamir who is part of the car and government has described the travel ban as a pretty extraordinary restriction on people's liberty. Meanwhile Australian prime. Minister Scott Morrison said yesterday following a national cabinet meeting that they are investigating the possibility of international flights to camera and hot to help bring back more of the twenty thousand trillions currently trying to get home. The government is also looking into the possibility of no longer requiring people arriving from overseas test nations without covid. Nineteen cases such as Christ's Church New, Zealand to quarantining hotels, and this could free up space for more arriving travelers at the hotels and Australia's major cities. Since July, the number of daily and weekly inbound passenger arrivals have been limited at all five Australasia's major international airports. A maximum of five, hundred, twenty, five, international travel is permitted to arrive in Perth. Each week we end just five hundred per week can fly into Adelaide Brisbane. Sydney has somewhat more generous limit of three hundred and fifty passengers per day or two, and a half thousand per week and entitled Total beds around four thousand people per week that can come to Australia. Meanwhile Melvin is not accepting any international arrivals at the moment they haven't seen July and there are no scheduled flights into Darwin camera or bought from overseas. On the seventh of August National Cabinet extended the imposition of those arrival caps until at least the twenty fourth th of October. and. They're announced specific limits also on the number of passes that can be transported on any single international flight into astray. These thirty to fifty people in into Sydney forty to forty five passengers per flight into Perth just twenty five per flight to Brisbane and sixty flights. Adelaide. Of course, none to Melbourne the moment. Catcher railways has been bringing back a lot of people because they they all one of the lines that is still operating most of their flights to Australia but they have been criticized for charging up of ten thousand dollars for a one way ticket and with such restrictive numbers allowed into Australia. Has Pretty much been selling business costs tickets. It doesn't make sense otherwise if you can only have thirty passes on a plane that seats over three hundred. I mean, you have to charge the highest possible fair otherwise how to make money. I did ask Qatar Airways this week. If there was any restrictions on them, transporting passengers camera, of course, cutter aways did in tool Elliott his he fly to camera via Sydney and they actually weren't sure way. This would be allowed under the current arrangements so. Watch this space. I guess. After announcing six thousand permanent job losses back in June. The Qantas Group has revealed that a further two thousand four hundred jobs will be lost as it outsources ground handling services at major trailing airport's. Qantas jetstar currently directly employ around two, thousand, three, hundred, seventy ground handling staff at eleven airports. With people working in roles such as baggage handling and fleet presentation and in addition quotas employs around fifty staffed up bus services at Sydney Airport. Qantas is now proposing to out says all of this work as it does at fifty five smaller Australian airports and the change would affect had a having stuff Adelaide Alice Springs Avalon Brisbane Cans Camera Darwin Melbourne Perth Siemian Townsville Airport's. Qantas Domestic Sea Andrew David said that outsourcing this work would save the and around one hundred million dollars per year in operating costs, and he said that drastic action would be needed for Qantas to be able to compete into the future. Unions though are now preparing a legal challenge against quotas. They claim that they weren't consulted about the proposal. The Boeing seven, four, seven queen of the skies was once a mainstay of commercial airlines. It's not long ago. That seven four seven easily spotted at most major international airports around the world. But fast forward to September two thousand, twenty, this month and the Boeing seven four seventy s operating just a small handful of scheduled passenger flights for only four airlines. This month Boeing.

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