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This observed something much bigger than fan. You can't do the stuff that we get them. I'm writing down my own list. See if I can guess. I, I'm gonna give you something on nor McDonald here in a second to after we're done with the power rankings, the more important stuff. Well, that's not a surprise. That's the obligated social commentary. Oh, wait McDonald. Yes, he's in trouble. He's in trouble. He's apologizing for stuff. Yeah, that's a bummer. Okay, I'm ready. You're right. Number one week, one power, rankings. NFL number one. The New York Jets. Yes, I have a football. I have a quarterback. I have a defense number two NFL power, rankings. The Baltimore Ravens. Number three, NFL power, rankings. The LA Rams. Wipe that sad number four. This might surprise some people. I like this team a lot and they were very impressive week. What? Number four? The Washington Redskins. Number five, he is back. They are back the red rifle and the Cincinnati Bengals. Number six. And did Andy Reid make a big mistake? Because if it it made this mistake, he'd be number four today. Instead, he's number six, the Kansas City Chiefs. And now here's my surprise. No. Aw. We got. Right. Oh, oh, it's a seventeen..

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