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Someone else's explaining the mystical parts of the plot to him and he'll sit there kinda do the like she you're telling me there mystical ditches and the guy been yes and heavy like i don't believe it and i'm thinking them i had like but here bulletproof like gives a break you acted if you're willing to accept that aid you're willing to accept it right everything that happened to the avengers has already happened in these shows i'm thinking you know did buy into a little bit but i address aunt's like exposition you've got to lay it out secretary sarah i do like good broke their kia jessica both like do not like a ironfisted for that matter neither to stick when scott glenn finally turns up scott coletta such delight always horrific and he has a scene with sigourney weaver and lie as good as i think reader and cox and culture art of airing degrees when you suddenly get a scene in its sigourney weaver and scott glenn it's like oh here here the grownups that's what this is like yes yes but here's worth a really really good actors are he adds the deceased that len again i mean we it hasn't been that long since we've seen him but he does he does that type of role that lake it's it's not all that dissimilar from what we've seen him before as far as like this kind of unhinged mentor type figure but at and i'll i'll was like met murdoch because i always have a soft spot in my heart for kinda hotshot loose cannon lawyers which you get to see a little bit of him doing the lawyer thing so in so if you'll we get rid of glimpses of everybody else was supporting cast so like if you want feel a little bit more misty neider foggier wherever you get that before it gets to them been up teaming up missing eight.

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