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Think I'm not I'm concerned about the medical community losing credibility if they continue to say that we need to L. L. lock down that you know nope not essential business should function and not Taylor that recommendation to an area or recognize that we've got I just chunked a ton of resources that are being used to you know stop somebody from planting a seed in their yard or walking on the beach and move those resources to nursing homes to guard them and protect them like a fortress and stop this crazy policy of sending code nineteen patients there or not having protocols and not testing staff me tech staff in nursing home should be tested twice a week as well as the residents there you know Gandhi once said that a true society is best measured by how it takes care of its most vulnerable and we miss this thing a nursing homes like you said it ended up being half of the deaths in New Jersey in a third nation wide or more so let's talk for a second about the the question of schools there's been some widespread concern over over re opening schools the the the doctor found she suggested that September we might not be able to reopen schools have said president trump is a lot more sanguine about possibility of re opening schools and they're been several studies have been done abroad this suggests that kids are not only not really getting this and at high rates but that they are really not transmitting and hi res there been up there is a study from Iceland suggested that they couldn't find a single case of child transmitting this to an adult there's another city of Linz in Austria that suggested something like two transmissions in fifteen schools from child to adult actually pretty rare what do you make of the evidence when it comes to schools and and whether schools should reopen and also what what do make of the idea that we're gonna be reopening schools only when their social distancing which seems to me like I have I have a six year old and a four year old you cannot socially distanced insurance and four year olds that is not a physical possibility right exactly well those studies you mentioned are interesting I think we should take note of it I think that on the flip side most corona viruses and most viruses in general do spread among children and but we got a look at the overall data right the more to the the case fatality rate in kids approaches that of viral meningitis for the regular seasonal flu and kids so the idea that we have to you know take extreme measures in society to save one life the which is a child's life sounds attractive in in fact you and I and everybody agree with that the problem is that if those measures are so extreme that they are costing many other lives far more than the lives that were saving it ends up being a pyrrhic victory and so I think we've got to just be a little smart but we've got a total do over with this virus we're going to go into the months of September and October and this thing could hopefully won't maybe it'll be a miracle but it is projected to come back potentially confounded by influenza which we could have a mild medium or severe influenza year next season we don't know and we're gonna be going into this with not just a third of the cold season which is what we had this wave right all of the corona virus stuff we've gone through has been with only one third of our cold season imagine we've got an entire cold season so there is risk and and I'm not saying it's a fate that word that pen to it's something that we can change with hygiene and distancing we will have that infrastructure set up for testing which is as you said more helpful in the early stages of a pandemic rather than the middle and later stages so we'll be going into this thing in the fall with the big toolbox but I think in that during this time we just need to think about what is the rest in your particular area and if that risk is manageable we take the appropriate precautions you know some places can be go full steam ahead other schools you know I might suggest they re open but maybe hold off on the big field trips but they don't need to take this particular year restaurants and retail go ahead and open maybe they can use more their outdoor space than they normally would maybe if the viral burden in their communities high maybe they use some distancing limit the number of folks have nine a touchless transactions and use more of that outdoor space maybe stadiums tell people at risk to hold off for now for this particular season if the viral burden is that high at the time of those games so I think we can be out there and be active with some limitations without shutting down our entire my lifestyle and and the and country transaction my MCAT health policy adviser to president from the check out his op ed this week in The New York Times check out his book as well the price we pay what broke American health care how to fix a document appreciate your time great to be with the band already coming up we're gonna be talking about the ACLU which no understand personal rights and civil liberties justanswer have normal leftist tripe we'll get to that momentarily first let's talk about how.

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