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Loved it big fan above the viewership even i knew this is like an eighth grader the viewership fell off a cliff after the night one at a northern such as the areas hit here though that was the first night of the exam foul whoa adwan now i wanna i wanna to mount horn here because with i proved i predicted this non after vince made this new company i predicted this like a year or so ago the two nobody they that's listening right now because all the it's the perfect time for this all the nfl pibor interest in the nfl is waning all the concussion stuff people think it's not real football anymore the anthem protests if that's how you wanna call them people are now watching for that reason the nfl is also just kind of the product is not good the story lines are stale is just not denigrate israel basically don't watch the nfl anymore i have watched by maybe a quarter of football and it has crazier in the playoffs latest ray and it was the forced upon me i was similar where it was on an i nothing else to do so and then on what's the super bowl so basically a watch the super bowl by choice lands it the rest i have not watched will you watch the xfl a b of course i'll watch the accent valley nuts at least the first week legion of birth they're gonna here's what they're going to do they're gonna take everything that people don't like about the nfl and they're going to do the opposite so do you think basically the ex velde didn't work it was just done too early yes who is way ahead of its time yeah because now the everything they were same back in the day about you know nfl being too soft that type of stuff has actually come true like people are actually saying that now so i can i can see a kind kinda working the xfl was not solving any problem with the nfl back again it was just a you know a sideshow competitor now and obviously it's not going to survive in a saga me a serious competitor but it's there's.

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