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By the Senate to be the seventy seventh navy secretary Braithwaite is a nineteen eighty four graduate of our Naval Academy and served in the navy and the navy reserve for twenty seven years while serving as the US ambassador to Norway president trump nominated him to be the next navy secretary he came to the Senate Armed Services Committee during his nomination hearing Braithwaite said the navy is in troubled waters and listed some of the recent failings that he believes have caused a breakdown in trust in navy leadership his list included the fat Leonard scandal the twenty seventeen collisions of the USS fitzgerald and USS John McCain as well as judicial missteps and the corona virus outbreak on the USS Theodore Roosevelt wait wait said his top priority would be to restore the appropriate culture in the service culture is what gives an organization a sense of belonging and good order and discipline he said Braithwaite went on saying quote navy culture exists I won't say it's broken I think it's been tarnished I think the events over the last several years have helped see that occur and quote the navy's recent secretaries have been embroiled in controversies in the last several months Richard Spencer the last navy secretary was fired November twenty fourth by defense secretary Caspar for his handling of navy seal chief petty officer Gallagher former acting navy secretary Thomas modeli resigned on April seventh after disparaging comments he made to the crew of the USS Theodore Roosevelt about the aircraft carriers former commander were leaked online our navy does need a strong focus leader now and it seems that ambassador bright way is just the right guy roughly thirteen hundred patients at department of Veterans Affairs medical facilities have received hydroxy core Quinn for covert nineteen since late March according to VA secretary Robert Wilkie in a letter to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer Wilkie said that between February first and April twenty third the VA purchased over six point three million tablets of the anti malarial drug which was approved by the FDA in late March on an emergency use basis to treat the novel coronavirus hydroxy Clark Quinn is normally used to treat lupus and rheumatoid arthritis and the VA dispenses roughly one million pills of it a month for those conditions the secretary said the VA purchase the amount to ensure that it had a significant supply for patients with those diseases as well as those with covert nineteen Wilkie wrote quote during this tract time period V. A. used about eighteen thousand of the tablets for covert nineteen which equates two point two eight of one percent Wilkie was responded to Schumer's request that the VA explain its bulk purchases of the medication and use to treat veterans with the sars Kobe to corona virus hydroxy Clark when it's been widely touted as a treatment by president trump who has said that he has taken it as a prophylaxis to prevent infection Schumer said he and several veterans groups have concerns about the use of the medication on VA patients many of whom are older and have underlying health conditions and make them more susceptible to the drugs most severe side effect a disruption of regular heart rhythms there's an awful lot of evidence that hydroxyl chlorine is quite effective in dealing with Colbert nineteen especially if taken early the opposition to it is in my opinion clearly political those who hate our president can't agree with anything he proposes being good there are no known problems for people taking the drug properly I really hate those responses that are totally hate motivated on the contrary colonel the VA has dramatically reduce the use of hydroxy Clark went to treat veterans with cold with nineteen so much so that throughout the entire VA system it was only used three times last week VA secretary Wilkie recently testified to this why would highly trained physicians and pharmacists cutbacks so significantly on prescribing hydroxy Clark win because the initial evidence that showed promise had its own limitations since then it's been shown to make no difference or may have contributed to patient mortality in April the FDA issued a warning that hydroxy Clark when should not be prescribed off label and should only be used in a hospital or a clinical trial for covert nineteen because of heart rhythm risks we may have to agree to disagree but I do know one thing unless I contracted malaria I won't be taking it nearly six months after our Air Force announced it wanted more pilot applicants to take advantage of its height waiver program the service has decided to ditch the initial height requirement altogether to court more aviators assistant deputy chief of staff for manpower personnel and services Gwendolyn de Filippi said quote we're really focused on identifying and eliminating barriers to serve in the Air Force this is a huge win especially for women and minorities of smaller stature who previously may have assumed they were qualified to join our team and quote the service revised standards in two thousand fifteen to allow those shorter than five feet four inches or taller than six feet five inches to apply for a waiver the service.

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