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And we're back. Thank you got a quick chance to cry. It was fine Hawaii okay so they do start to repeat syllables right like I'll. I'll is the same as denial. I mean I'll exile gyles. He'd said I feel like it's a little cheating to us. He said styles weeded style profile and then they went coming from oriented to check my styles. They repeated style sixteen like I'll give them one yeah only fifteen. It's so silly. It's almost like a right exercise that they were like. We'll put this on record coming from Uranus to check my sal be coming from anywhere so is that a double entendre of the space thing and also coming live your own but they let us show to a butthole rows on layers again. You're naming. My Memoir. Saw Go ahead. Put My rhymes on trial cast you off exile so he's like begging someone to rap battle hymn. Yeah Oh yeah they WANNA fuck it which don't know if it would go. Well I just he like. I don't know perhaps in the rap battle format. This isn't gonNA work the same way no rata like are less about energy and more about actual rhymes punch Kline's and demoralizing people. They're not super demoralizing. They do have a documentary eight mile. Now I mean the voice they weren't in that uh-huh Eminem Saipem as like a constant inspiration. I think I heard eminem and corn both do corn really Trista. They can immediately where with court to just that breakdown for free gun elise. I'm like so. Mc Ad Rock fuck I don't know their names okay mic t one and then add rock and MCI MCI yea the one I was trying to say I need one more letter. You like blended seamlessly and take you start looking at the genius page. Please don't tell anyone I would never go back the chorus as being all all day I like my sugar with an creed. Okay fully reverse verse engineered to make the rhyme heaven is she's like what Sillier that there's no reason to bring up your coffee preferences and sit like and it's honestly to say if it rhymes like I like. I like my coffee with cream and sugar some booger. Whatever if that had been the more I like my coffee with sugar and cream time to plot and scheme whatever to say I like my sugar with coffee in cream is like such an intentional way to be like this is nonsense right but also like genius says the line previously is jazz and a wall. That's our team. referencing awol from suicidal tendencies and jazz is who is a guitar tech who toured with them. I one thing I love about the Beastie Boys. They will mention their friends in Song Right. We all know that yeah which I love. It's like a very it's. It's almost like the springsteen extended. Universe goes are made up people street but I mean he'll mentioned the band right. He'll talk about like big man joined the band and stuff that and then but then there's like the the kind of cosmology of Character University of springsteen's on's the hold steady kind of took that on and they do very similar thing of like. There's this cast of characters the BC was just wrap about their friends as if like their characters in these songs or like people people that you know like they'll mention like their roadies and fixers and stuff and managers. It's very common guard. Yes Ain't enough now. People do know that I've very charmed by the intimacy of talking about the the people that are on scene yeah and also like step inside the party disrupt the whole scene fine. Okay that is pretty cool. Quick Pivot from like here's our friends like into one and two now back to me party and I'M A disruptor Rupture Energy Circle Baggio GonNa send it but debt this interview pre Silicon Valley back causing a Ruckus right and the person on genius this. Let's see if I can now four contributors. They say that the sugar with coffee and cream as an example of them disrupting today really say that how we mostly it wasn't sugar and his mug adding the coffee and cream unlike how it would normally be adding the sugar and I'm like well. They also sixteen words to rhyme with eight yeah so maybe like cream. Maybe you just need cream but you could also have said. I like my coffee with sugar cream. I think that they were trying to be clever and I will say that is one of the lines. I actually canceling along to when I'm going. I like my sugar bob the angry yeah. That's an iconic one. Yeah and it's like so it's so disintegrate jumps take setting. It's upsetting. I still our cloudy growing on me the longer they do it. Yeah talking about just being nice must be so relatable to you very sweet nicest iceman comedy as an overseer but it's very sweet. Please read what genius says the first line of this. I got to keep it going. Keep it going full whole scheme. I don't feel like that needs to be one of the annotated lines but it is and they say steam engines operate by boiling water transform heat into mechanical that is not even even necessary to understand July like you don't have to know how a steam engine works full steam steam engine. There's an image and you do need to know the context for it. Because the line preceding the image says but did you know that the earliest steam engines existed back in the same century as the custos these genius entertains are like looking at sand and trying to make magic. I picture for the to me. It sounds so much like a child. That's trying to sound smart but doesn't know what they're actually saying did you. Next move was just Adams. It could be Adam Sandler from three contributing accounts. I would nothing England make me happier. Nothing Dinky heavier as like just a day not knowing that Adam Sandler sock puppet ano- tastes Beastie Boys Song Dogs with science out loud as he doesn't like amazingly enough the library Mary of Alexandria Engine Ingenuity Exclamation Point. It's like one of the book reports from Billy Madison really really is somebody who was like. This is a thousand word minimum. I have two hundred words buck how narrow or how can we make these margin too sweet to be sour too nice nice to be elegant. He dropped element even. MCI mean himself on well. On the tough guy style to King Josh's literally you. I'm not surprised you chose this off. I love it trying to change the world. I will plot and scheme like we're GONNA be disruptors of the patriarch game like what I mean. It feels like they were on the right side early. I think so I hope that's true it feels true and then my de Mario see who of the aforementioned mentioned Mario Johnson Zone. Mario's does a really cool thing yeah. It's great a minute thirty six in there like we know you're tired of this quick. That'll be sexual whatever notice they pan back and forth and now we get back to add rock one final time before our second quarter third quarters the sun a little bit field a thousand years long to me because like I don't hate it. It's a thousand years I would Happily spent definitely a hundred years changing say planetarium right. That's fucking real fun too. We all know that and then also that little baby crying again. It forces you to the robot. This song is a little bit like a big bowl of candy for breakfast. I know my diet. Did you watch he said now when it comes to the envy ya'll is green because really feels like an Improv game you WanNa play with me okay jealous of the rhyme and the rhyme routines and other dimension new Galaxy intergalactic planetary now when it comes to green jealous the rhyme and the rhyme routine. That's actually I do agree with that one. You're jealous of their arms and their emerging so many lines on the same time they didn't have to do that. Differentiated for US course change again here yup toxic. Ask Your shoes and relax your socks in every rhyme on this line. I'm like when is the beat drop the when does it he again again as a very casual non listener listener. I'm like the one line I can sing along to Wayne word anytime here. What did he actually say. We're from the family tree of old school hip hop they. They formed in nineteen seventy nine so that feels to me but I haven't they were like they were kind of the hardcore band at first right. Didn't they come from like punk outfits that kind of makes sense to me but but it says on genius and again I don't fucking trust you. You said all but just for fun they emerged around the same time is such as such legends like. Ll Cool J. Yeah Yeah that makes sense. Do we call L. J. Legend I think so we do we just ignore the deepest bluest. How does like a shark's fin thing you gotTa okay. You can't the can't I'll be home run. Sometimes they get shark's Fin. Mama said knock you out. Just like that was a cool thing kind of cool. does it. Is it cool twenty nineteen now. I don't know I don't know I'm just asking asking questions. It's fair. It's really just like I love the creativity that comes from so desperately trying to rhyme. It's great you put yourself in a box would not move on and then you figure out what the parameters are this day. Don't even use box. You just can't with a new one out of sixteen. You found a new kind of think of myself as the fourth beast you've uh-huh okay here. We go for the famous one. I'm so excited I can finally sing along a the voice to me. Jura burp a little bit it does and that's sampling themselves from a different song. They could have genucel again yup but they didn't. That's a really cool thing to do a song. It's it's very when we did this before yeah. Hey remember us from then but now it was the craziest prior to me about. The baby got back episode. Is that like I think in multiple samples in that song of previous remix lot songs that's incredible and nobody even knew that no never became as famous so like do it. That's so funny. I didn't realize that in large part of this podcast is trying to do is to be like hey. There's a lot of good shit already made you know we don't need to make new stuff. We can just remake songs like we remake. Movies are not agree. I agree and here's the B. J. I I didn't even notice the beat changed their so subtle that the base before the blues that's probably the reference then and it sounds like the based from the early version from the nineties to yeah. That's that also stayed or you know just in this little form boom boom that okay the one. I feel like we really seldom Mr at that. That was convenient. Shit out of me yeah okay. So what the fuck did he say now when I wrote graffiti. My name was slop. Is that true or is you're just making it up. I I don't know enough slop. I believe it. Can you think of slop and not immediately think of Charlotte's web or anything. That's right there to graffiti. My name was so big. I'm going to swim with them. If it's the last thing I do my rap soup my beats his stock that's on. Can we talk so if the if rap music is superior beets are the stock that all together the base of the rap steps from from the table when I start to chop and I'm not sure about. Is there an entity hopping. The beat like a turntable got it okay host up from the table that turn the fuck away from me when I'm working cod God. I wish I had a shirt that said that also working. She usually get the fuck away from me all the time. I don't like people stand too close to me the subways at adjustment kidding. What am I saying that can be real. No I love. I love standing close to people. I just love. I Love New York. City is just like not having a sense of personal boundaries kind of humanizing away. I'm so used to having a whole car myself. You know what I mean now. You don't even have the space of your human body. I saw on the subway still undetermined undetermined as she knew the man behind her but she was like gently rubbing her ass into him. She was very fucked up on something shore and I don't think she knew him but he was a kind of letting her do it and like very polite way like he's not into it. He was just like Ma'am and she was like. Oh my God and then she just went right back to bump and grinding and there's there's a lot of living in New York. This just like well. I guess this is happening now. I'm an fell asleep on me three times on the subway ride and really went back and forth with what to do here and then finally was like you know what he should know better and gave him the firm. Elbow tricep there then he did it again and I left anyway. I'm the LUMBERJACK D. Okay. Now we get to the final verse before the last chorus and we're the song that base yeah yeah. Go like what a way to end it. I'll stir fry you in my walk. Walk is like so goofy the line before also. If you try to knock knock me. You'll get mocked very light because you're get your for some reason also like you could have ended that line with knock but instead they were mocked. My friends are GONNA come free. If you make fun of me and then I'll stir fry you my walk and I'll touch your neck back like Mr spa very goofy reference to ask out that happens after brides out for a while. They knew this was so good. We're just GONNA play it for so silly. I can't listen to sober abreast with some reason it is much better because people cheering in another dimension.

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