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News and everything going on to host its first major sporting events in three months when NASCAR comes back to town you could trust ideas and wanted to be here to support team because I'm here for the cops I'm here for one so that would be the friendship ninety five point five W. SP the latest news and talk there are a lot of three companies out there but only one in Atlanta that has been in business for over sixty years and that he tree service whether you need tree removal tree pruning work done our certified arborists are experts in all aspects of tree care if you're looking for a quality professional tree care call heath tree service or find us online at heath tree service dot com when you talk to anyone at Ragsdale heating air and plumbing you can tell you've got a good person on the line in when they make a promise they keep it like a fifteen year parts and labor warranty a new carrier systems for one and a half decades you won't have to worry about service fees or repair fees and now special financing options include sixty months and no payments for six months take advantage of these great offers today call Ragsdale heating air and plumbing the name I know you can trust racks dealing carrier turn to the experts Dave Baker host of the home fixes show here with Jeff and Roxanne Eklund from rhino shield what kind of color selection do I get when I use rhino shield red blue and yellow that's it that is it unless if it's not your wife's favorite then we can match whatever color she wants is to any color any color under the spectrum and a total page I would include my face in my service brothers downspouts eaves overhangs corner boards columns you name it we can do it we.

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