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Fox news radio's studios in New York City giving your opinions and positive Brian kill me it's Mary Walter good morning thanks for joining me really appreciate it and thank you too boring for me for allowing me to sit in the seat I'll try I'll try not to break the show on for lots of arm at Bryant Adam Schiff doing his best though to to just break impeachment for ever going so far out on a limb here I yesterday Adam Schiff got to go see where the big kids work he went to the Senate with a Jerry Nadler and the rest of the the Democrats seven in impeachment managers that they hadn't anything they marched in they were the ones who marched everything across the night before they marched everything over to the Senate in a big solemn procession and there was no box I kept hearing there was going to be some kind of wood box like the ark of the covenant that the articles of impeachment we're going to be put in and it was like a Manila envelope there's a look what was actually blue was like up there I'm sure it was you know very nice and it was a blue binder type thing that has the yeah but it was nice and it was probably had gold on the topic that you and I paid for is probably real gold just get recycled somewhere outside then Adam Schiff on Thursday morning they the house formally accepts the articles of impeachment because this is supposed to be serious this isn't supposed to be the zoo that the Democrats have made this and and lowered the bar too you can impeach someone because you don't like them that's what we're doing here is Israel and the fact that the Senate is even entertaining this I know they have to but the fact that this is actually going to be given some kind of credibility some kind of credence is insane to me because you know all that if this were the other way around in this war Democrat president we would not be here right now because Republicans wouldn't do this because Republicans take the high road which is one of the reasons they annoy me they take the high road and sometimes you have to punch a bully in order for the bully to understand it it's kind of like what the president with a with Iran right sometimes you have to punch a bully and they're like wait a minute we you mean you hit me back you never hit back what you mean you have me back there are lots to do and so sometimes I think the Republicans need to to to act first and hit the Democrats first and catch them totally off guard and let them know yeah you're not going to continue to do this to me but we're gonna play this game because she just because so this is cut one Adam Schiff was on the Senate floor and Adam Schiff gets his moment in the sun because he hasn't seen a camera he doesn't love god knows why because they do not treat him well here's Adam Schiff starting it all off it starts with him reading the impeachment articles article one article one abuse of power it is conduct of the office of the president of the United States and in violation of his constitutional oath faithfully to execute the office of president of the United States and to the best of his ability preserve protect and defend the constitution of the United States and in violation of his constitutional duty to take care that the laws be faithfully executed Donald J. trump has abused the powers of the presidency in fact using the powers of his I. office president trump solicited the interference of a foreign government Ukraine in the twenty twenty United States presidential election okay let me remind everybody how we got here the whole Russia Russia Russian thing didn't work and we spent what was it forty million dollars on on a molar investigation into we don't trump colluding with the Russians in order to influence the election when the basis for the FISA warrants was a dossier that was compiled by a foreign agent Christopher still who is British who went to the Russians against foreigners to get dirt on Donald Trump paid for by the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign so we had a compression intro candidate Hey a foreign agent to collect information from a foreign government or foreigners on a political point pounded in order to use that dirt in a political campaign I'm sorry it does anybody else sense the irony in the hypocrisy here because it's right and why did that what the Republicans are making hay of this and and constantly beating that drum DeMint Republican to constantly be saying yes as to just exactly what I just did so you're saying the president that are that are not isn't it just like Hillary Clinton pain Christopher still who went to the Russians to get the dirt to influence the election it's the same thing but instead we're going to impeach the president on this all right article two article two obstruction of Congress in this conduct of the office of president of the United States and in violation of his constitutional oath faithfully to execute the office of president of the United States and to the best of his ability preserve protect and defend the constitution of the United States and in violation of his constitutional duty to take care that the laws be faithfully executed Donald J. trump has directed the unprecedented categorical and indiscriminate defiance of subpoenas issued by the house of representatives pursuant to its sole power of impeachment right this is baloney this is the one article two is Reagan probably see quite a few Democrats beat feet on because this is what they're saying here is that the president use his executive power to prevent people like his lawyers from testifying with that what they're saying is that you couldn't block those people you can block John Bolton you couldn't block Mick Mulvaney you couldn't blocked on again his counsel you can't block those people because we wanted information and you wouldn't give it to us and we were too lazy to go through the process to go to the court to get the to get a subpoena to get these people to testify because they knew that the president would take it to court and they knew it was going to go to the Supreme Court and they knew that they were going to lose but if you know this articles of impeachment never like to travel alone they're a little skittish they need at least one friend with them and they prefer to travel in a pack but they didn't have anything else oracle one was going to have to go by itself so the Democrats are like are at let's just throw article two in there we won't bother getting a subpoena we won't bother trying to force any of these people to testify and take it to the court because they're probably not going to win so it is going to throw this in there so that article one doesn't have to travel by itself so article two is just total and complete and utter nonsense I mean I one is to but to it's just like crazy crazy nonsense so Adam Schiff finishes up his little soliloquy here and this is now because I'm shift is the lead prosecutor here if you will and I know we're using legal terms our legal process but to understand he's kind of like the lead prosecutor so we're going to hear a lot more from Adam Schiff I know nobody wants it but it's gonna be forced down our throats Adam ship wrapping it up saying that not only does the president deserves to be impeached he should be removed president trump thus warrants impeachment and trial removal from office and disqualification to hold and enjoy any office of honor trust or profit under the United States I am very very summer then Chief Justice John Roberts he was he he swears everybody and right now I'm just the Chief Justice has already signaled that he's going to kind of stay out of this he's not going to be inserting himself into this process so he swears everybody internet service warning and there was a question them and question to ask about the four senators who are running for political office and Marsha Blackburn I asked that Nancy Pelosi got Michael Bennett everybody forgets about him because he's really not on stage Michael Bennett still in it and Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders and any club which are they should recuse themselves because if you're going to allow them to vote to get to take their political opponents out of the race and your big beef is that president trump was trying to use his power to get dirt on a political opponent to affect the outcome of an election well now you're going to allow them to vote on the on their political opponents to try to take him out of the race in order to you know to affect the outcome of an election but of course they all said nope not gonna do it we're not playing that game now we just got this in error just sent this to me that the president has named his legal team so these are his do you have the Peter manages on one side then you have the the White House legal team on the other they will consist of Pat chips asa baloney which we knew he's a White House counsel Jay Sekulow tennis star wow second rodeo for can Alan Dershowitz we had heard some rumors as to Alan Dershowitz possibly joining the team and Robert ray there will also be assistance from deputy counsels Michael per porous and Patrick filled in Jordan secular will also be an assistant to his father J. secular so there you go so one two three four five and then to deputy councils and then Jordan secular there are helping his dad what I find interesting is Alan Dershowitz because Alan Dershowitz I mean gosh he's he's not he's not a Republican he's a trump supporter but he has proven himself to be fair and he's even talked about what's happened to him because he's been fair he's been talking about you know how he has been it's always been treated by people who used to be his friends because he has deer come out and actually been fair and give an unbiased legal opinions in other words he's not being a hack because is not being a hack he has been ostracized by the left so now I think Alan Dershowitz can just kiss like his ticket to the to the Hamptons goodbye because if he is going to serve on the president's legal team forget it Allen welcome to the other side of the aisle is this for men but I have a lot of respect this is why you'll hear me now I'll sometimes get email from people I can't believe you separate but you're not a trunk Berber I try to be fair if the president does something that I think is wrong I'm gonna say it it just like we won president Obama's he did something that I thought was right that I thought was a good thing I gave credit where credit is due and if you can't complain about people on the left being political hacks if you yourself do the same thing there's just no way to do that now I wanna go back to some of the audio here said those are now that is now the president's a legal team you saw right there all wait a minute hold on an update hi Saloni Jay Sekulow Ken Starr Alan Dershowitz Robert ray now and and deputy assistant deputy counsels Michael purport and Patrick filled in with Jordan secular assisting his father added in the update Pam Bondi in Jane Raskin I was surprised him Bondi was not in the initial update the initial announcement because I thought for sure she was going to be in there so Pam Bondi in J..

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