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Thatta came later to be ready geez. I should've should've been later right. We should be good. We're going hot this mirror here. That's you right there but let me introduce you. I don't don't blow it. it's too late all right. We're back with another episode. But i the sponsors head over to w dot com dot com and complete list of the sponsors there. There's a bunch. I wanna thank. I wanna thank allah technologies rhino metals volkov firearms blackwater ammunition right on optics kenzees optics pulsar thermal imaging technology and of course our especially appreciation to all of them. I got a special guest today requires. This man requires no introduction. That's what they told me. He's the king. he's the king of sarcasm. i see it i. He's the best we got the one and only forrest griffin here Maybe the coolest room and all of las vegas. It is right now. it's awesome. It's overkill though you said. I mean it's a lot it's is it more than a ufc production. Yes the i mean. This you guys can't see the scaffold but your headphones on if you want if you don't want to you don't have to put your can disinfect them. They've been so white. I don't believe you and you also said that you feel like you're talking into a penis. I've heard that before. I didn't think about it but now they mentioned that i think i need to go. I think i need to. I think i need to get a bigger one. This is the average penis. I mean were outnumbered so listen. I love having you and it's been a while i've been trying to chase after you for a minute. I'm not giving you the sex in different now. Everybody seems to see it from the outside. But i feel like no. I think you're doing some of your best work now with the fighters that's what i keep telling people that's what i think though fell by that ship. That'd be great. Yeah and everybody seems to love what you do. Can you describe for everybody. So they understand the role that you play at the ufc. Yeah well i mean so..

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