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O. R. station seventy two degrees at four o'clock good morning I'm Terry Macready bail is set for the rice cooker suspects and as Steve green field reports he has a lengthy rap sheet Larry Griffin the homeless man charged with placing rice cookers in the city subway station and next to a trash can in Chelsea was also arrested several weeks ago in Harlem on a drug possession charge and he has an active warrant for his arrest for failure to report and for missing drug screens and was previously indicted for using obscene matter with the intent of seducing a minor he appeared in Manhattan criminal court and bail is set at two hundred thousand dollars for the twenty six year old from West Virginia Steve greenfield W. O. R. news a woman dies after her husband accidentally pincer with his car in queens I shook Bala has more police say Isabel code heroes behind her vehicle at a car wash in mass but on Saturday when she and her husband realized the car was in reverse the man jumped into the car to stop it but the car hit the woman police initially said the man accidentally reverse but leaders of the car rolled backward into the woman she was pronounced dead at why cough heights Medical Center no charges have been filed and the investigation is ongoing I shook Bala W. O. R. news twenty two year old Norwalk Connecticut man is under arrest and being held on two hundred and fifty thousand dollars bail after indicating on Facebook that he wanted to commit a mass shooting police executed a search warrant and found multiple handguns large magazines with rounds of ammunition and tactical gear at the home of Brandon what actual although the guns were registered to his father with whom he lives Brandon had access to them he's been charged with illegal possession of large capacity magazines after he attempted to purchase items out of state the prime minister of Denmark says the idea of the U. S. buying Greenland is absurd the new jail has details the Danish leader told a newspaper in Greenland that the island is in for sale adding that he hopes the idea floated within the trump administration is in serious well green Lynn is a Danish territory he said green belongs to Greenland president trump confirm Sunday that the idea has been tossed around but said it's not a top priority of his the new jail NBC news radio an Ohio man is being charged with making a threat to shoot up a Jewish community center James Riordan reportedly posted a threat against a Youngstown Jewish center in a video that showed him firing a gun when police raided his home they found a number of guns including two A. R. fifteens president trump is worried about the US economy sliding into a recession he told reporters that he doesn't see a recession for the U. S. on the horizon even though we claim the world is in a recession right now trump explain that.

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