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Social media. You don't have to send us your photos. Flavors john and i each have one now. Thanks to roy. And also you don't have to send us any moose moose nuggets you can send your you know if you have a four leaf clover murph. You have more than one. Pass it along. Redistribute the luck yes send a salami to your boy in the army but we're good and send a four leaf clover to somebody in prison. We got a couple of postcards today to the po box ramon from chile. Arom says i noticed you get a lot of mail from the us. And he just wanted us to know we We have a fan in chile. This is required a thousand and ten chilean dollars in stamps to get here. So thank you for your sacrifice. Ramon does he have a return. Address wearing chile is he. Santiago apparently is down. He never been. It's penguin and arctic postcards. You have been there. I have been there. Does that count as as sheila. I've seen chile. Because i've seen across the mountains interior go but i never actually crossed the border who he wanted to shout out jim at tamburlaine blog for turning him onto omnibus. Ramon read on and read on jim. And here's a postcard. I don't understand this. The theme is the discourse pen pal group to send postcards to my pen. Pals is that the discourse group i think over at a patron dot com slash john roderick They were they. they initiated. A hey everybody send postcards to one another and somebody must have rolled the dice and gotten on bus. It's some i can't read. Their names starts with a d. Maybe dawn or a day. Fifty knots. But i can see why he didn't want to write out his full name He or she says. Even though i know you're a minimalist when it comes to. Pj's is it dawn d. a. w. n. I don't know if it is or not. We have heard from don before. This is just a dna squiggle. But it's somebody who is sending you a postcard. That's on the ad for like fifty zero ad for pre shrunk pajamas to me shares. Not to us both know this is addressed to you. I'm just reading your mail. Thanks thanks bro. So there you go but thank you. Thank you for sending us those those many things listeners. From our vantage point in your distant past we have no idea how long our civilization survived. We hope and pray that no catastrophes and in fact for the never comes but if the worst comes soon this recording like all our recordings maybe our final. What a light. Cheery final entry that would be. That would be fun. Just went out on forty four overs in the bombs from but at providence allows. We hope to back with you soon for another..

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