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And finally episode one. Oh, eight feminism in. In the age of Covid Nineteen Conference on domestic violence, you know, let's start with the common thread that connects all of these episodes, which is the gendered impact on cove it. We talked about this in the trailer episode before the series where we explored that women are GonNa be disproportionately impacted that women were more likely to be represented on the frontlines is. is essential workers as low income workers and that Cova? An unemployment was gonNA. Disproportionately impact them childcare, but then these episodes really I think have a common lens of the gender impact, being negative and the negative impact, being one I would characterize as violence either physical violence, emotional, violence, psychological violence or economic violence. Let's start from that perspective. Has Anything surprised you? I feel bad. These episodes have. A lot to the conversation. There's many things that I didn't consider before. I didn't consider for example Laura Ramirez conversation about prostitution in how it could have its potential effect on that a mean. When we're talking about feminism effects, almost every single aspect of our lives, and so it it's pretty hard to anticipate so many different factors. I'm glad you brought up Laura Ramirez. She's a an amazing activist and ally in this work. And I was so honored to be able to speak with her, so we talked about prostitution and pornography and Cova impact on sex, trafficking and prostitution. I'm curious. Did you know anything about the debate? Within the feminist community around prostitution, those who support the equality or the Nordic model versus those who are trying to decriminalize both the selling and the purchasing of prostitution. Were you aware of this dichotomy this debate? There were a lot of things that I wasn't aware of and it took me. It took me a while for me to understand a lot of these things so like when I listen to her I finally was able to put a couple of things together I do remember that before. I understood the argument of decriminalizing prostitution in order to protect the women who are victims of it, and it made sense to me at the time, but then when I looked more into it, and with the addition of what Laura was saying and I was able to understand that both of equality model wants to do the same thing which is to protect victims and we. We don't want to even worse situation, so one of the things that really stood out to me is Laura mentioned is that we wanna make sure that we understand that these are crimes that are happening to women, right or friends that are happening to these victims, and it's not something that we should allow to happen to sort of help. The perpetrators in sex trafficking rice. We don't WanNa be helping the the pimps and take away accountability instead of WanNa, make sure we put a light on the abuses and be able to prosecute them, and not not let any of these perpetrators potentially use this to their advantage and to extend their their power. I really appreciate that Laura was able to make it very clear in her language, characterizing the differences between those who want to make prostitution..

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