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What is that noise? What is happening there? Beavers live in large colonies, which are their families. So it's kind of like what those little baby beaver kids do is they wind and that wine will encourage their parents and their older siblings to give up their food. Okay, that makes sense. Um, so when will be will be released back into the wild, So Beaver kids typically will leave their colonies at the age of between two and four years old, but around the age of to his hormone should start to kick in like they would in the wild, and he's going to want to set out to find a mate. So around two years old, I expect that will start a very slow soft release process. That's Nancy Coyne also known as at Beaver, Baby, Furry Love on Tic Tac. Thank you very much. Thank you, Lulu. This'll, his NPR news. I'm Peter Sagal with the voting of the Electoral College this week, the president went from being a sore loser. Do just a regular loser. Join us for the news quiz from NPR now heard an hour earlier today at three on 93.9 FM. W N. Y C supporters include Rossman orthopedics, their new Midtown offices accessible by multiple forms of transportation to all of Manhattan. Now open at 6 45 Madison Avenue. Learn more at Rossman and why dot com I'm Chi right in.

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