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Andrew cohen tweeted for starters abortion rights or more imperilled now than at any time since roe v wade and there is no reason to think there won't be a rollback of gay rights either with kennedy gone reverend al sharpton we have no choice but to organize strategize vote an act and biblical attitudes are not an option or not a option he said all civil and human rights are at stake what side are you on four benson says as a member of the lgbtq community justice kennedy being replaced threatens my rights it also threatens the rights of minorities women and muslims oh by the way thor if the muslims and your way you'd be dead by now i just wanted to let you know then but back to his tweet trump must not be allowed to replace them before november let the people speak first and then molly night says how very cool of justice kennedy to pour kerosene on the current dumpster fire that is america the roe v wade riots should provide fine entertainment for him his retirement now the dumpster fire that is america folks america economically and all sorts of is on fire but it's not a dumpster fire i can tell you this we're on fire i was talking to a friend of mine today black gentleman and i don't ever talk politics with them but he just threw something out there about oh i know what he said hey said they is the rumor true that you're going to be replacing kennedy on the supreme court i said no actually it's judge judy and he laughed and you know we had a little chuckle and then he says that his wife told him they thought it was she thought it was time for them to move to believes and i didn't get into it in but i'm sitting there thinking this is a black couple right black unemployment is an all time low why in the world would you be moving out now this is a great time in america to be black for crying great time in america to be an american in general but certainly if you're black unemployment an all time low so these folks are talking about leaving and roe v wade is going to be overturned and it's going to be a worst thing oh my gosh dumpster fire in the rest of it and in the meantime we have a comedy central writer his what he tweeted i wish this kennedy had been shot instead of the other ones this is what we're dealing with folks i wish this kennedy had been shot instead of the other ones this is curtis cook yes i see a political and thank you very much this is curtis cook los angeles speech writer for comedy central then and his frustration with the supreme court justice anthony kennedy's retirement announcement by saying he wished the justice had been shot this is what he tweeted of course you'll not be i'm i doubt if he's going to be censored or fired or anybody oh he's just he's just expressing himself his tweet also received a fair amount of backlash from angry twitter users you wish a supreme court justice would have been shot i've been shot that is a despicable thing to wish on anyone one user said and ironically gives trump the ability to instantly replace him i don't think he thought this tweet through yeah that's what i was thinking too so he wishes kennedy kennedy had been shot and then and then instantly he's replaced by now he's retiring you got some time to do this but you got a supreme court justice dies and they go and they rush one through also he's advocating the murder of the most pro lgbt justice ever wrote another yeah it's just it's crazy you saw the the kohl bear jimmy fallon always get jimmy fallon and jimmy kimmel mixed up i mean i know which is which but i got the names mixed up and then conan juicy them all together on the on the yeah they were doing they were responding to trump singling them out because they're always beaten up on him and so they did this like three way conference skype thing you know they did a.

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