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How Do We Fix It?


Crisis told us anything it told us the government really matters and government can be the difference during living or dying. Are Their governments elsewhere outside of of the United States and and Great Britain, and perhaps even other parts of the West that have something to teach us about technology and how that can be used to make government more efficient and deliver services better. Legrand argument of of of of this book is that from the year, if you go back a fifteen hundred. China was head of the West and West bloodstain battlefield Bab government, and what's happened since then is that the West is pulled ahead of the east for many reasons, capitalism and the rest of it but one of those reasons is they constantly reinvented improved. Governments in line with you thinking a new technology. So when you get up to about nineteen sixty, you have a world in which the West is massively ahead of the east in terms of the quality of its government. A now, I would say what the crisis revealed is that the he's probably better at West, which is an extraordinary change and the reason for batches that better. Things better employing technology to get to that collective. And I would say the Catholic abyss example of countries that have done. This is Singapore that very, very good at harnessing technology to serve the public I suppose that using intelligent technology sue managed that society in a more efficient way and I think that's if you look at the list of the world's intelligence cities I think is as it would be cool. We'll most of them are in the Far East. This is how do we fix it? I'm Jim eggs and I'm Richard. Davies where speaking with Adrian Wooldridge the CO author of the new book the wakeup call how the pandemic has exposed the weakness of the West and how to fix it. We're back with Adrian Wooldridge, the political editor of the Economist and author of the new book the wake up call. So a superficial reading of your argument might sound like you're just in favor of a more effective more powerful government. It's essentially a left-wing argument, but it's really not where do you part company with the left on how to manage the role of government? Well I mean we come at this subject both of us from classical liberal tradition, which is that what really matters is the freedom of the individual and the government's insofar as it can help individual to reach a since never life of of of freedom productivity..

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