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Support for this podcast in the following message comes from the ups store who knows small business owners don't get to take days off so of you need help with shipping this upcoming holiday they'll be open the ups store franchise locations are independently owned and operated services prices in hours may vary see sensors for details live from npr news in washington on shea stevens communities along the us gulf coast her keeping an eye on storm neat which is forecast to become a hurricane this weekend as npr's debbie elliott reports a hurricane warning has posted from grand i'll louisiana to the alabama florida line nate is expected to strengthen as it moves over the warm gulf of mexico forecasters say it's likely to be a hurricane on attract make landfall early sunday alabama governor k ivy says people should take it seriously met fell diamond this grip from tropical storm night is indeed real please do all you can to protect yourself your families and your property iv is positioning national guard troops to help with the response as have the governors of louisiana mississippi and florida coastal communities are evacuating in anticipation of four to seven foot storm surge when nate comes to shore debbie elliott npr news orange beach alabama the painstaking task of figuring out why steven panic killed fifty eight people and injured more than four hundred eighty others continues in las vegas and pierre sierra maccammon says investigators are leaving no stone unturned in their search for a motive authorities say they're looking at the shooters every aspect of his life his economic situation at the people he knew any potential for radicalization which they say so far there is no evidence of a terrorismlinked but they are looking at that uh they also say they're keenly interested in his mental health.

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