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To be here on this island in Idaho. You can't use your screens while we're together and I thought people were just going to freak out. They really loved it so they had the same frustration. I had. It's like Oh everybody's on their screens or not really connecting and so anyway. If people want details email me but long short of it is. You might be surprised that at a dinner the people to party you have a home and so on to say no in our home of the policy. Is this your phones aside and we connect as real humans in real time and we're not being distracted so there's a lot more innovation that needs to happen. They're certainly you can turn off notifications and one of my former students. Tristan Harris advocates putting on a gray scale. And so on. What does that mean? That means you don't see the colors you just see black and white and according to his hypothesis it's less compelling but certainly the way we use screens is household issue so you can decide as a household. Here's when screens are allowed. Nears when we're not doing it and even if it's a couple that can be a decision together. I don't want to be too prescriptive about that. 'cause people should be able to live their own lives and how they but there are ways For example I will not take a phone into a restaurant and a Maui. I never take my phone to the beach. Are you kidding me? And then I walked on the beach and I see people live their halftime but I see tourists or temporarily. They're they're on their phone. It's like so just deciding and it's not so much about tiny habits but it is about designing your life and that's the broader picture of tiny habits. You can create the life you want. Just put a little teeny bit of effort into designing it and if it feels really hard not to go into the restaurant without your phone to one time and see how it goes right. Just say I'm going to one time and habits of your family says no were. We always have a refund table to say. Just give me one time right so just skillet back and make it so easy that you're you don't resist it right. Yeah for me as as a mom now my defense mechanism what I tell myself is like I just have to have. God forbid something happens like I need to be available. I can't just not be reachable but then I think like a tricky. Yeah like that's that makes it a little bit more complicated but then again how often I mean. How often does something actually happen? And then you're you use it for something else and you've probably seen this novel where he changed the Password. You make the password very hard to do. I love to save so you just so. There's this moment of pause launching instagram. I told you one of my students was the CO founder of Instagram. So I kind of smile and I kinda smile. I don't know what it would be but an odd way when I'm like saying don't use instagram. But yeah can really distract you from creating personal bond right meaningful conversation again. That's the close relationships that makes us happy. It's not the strangers on Instagram. Right so true. Sorry Mike former student cocoa he would totally agree with me on. Yeah Yeah all right well thank you so much for a year. I'm chatting. I learned so much was so inspiring. Thank you guys so much for listening. I hope you love to this episode. Don't forget to subscribe rate and review. I'd love to hear what you think and anything more or even less you'd want to hear about tune in every Tuesday for a new episode. If you WANNA know more about what? I'm up to you can find me on Instagram at Whitney Tort. My website Whitney Port Dot Com and my youtube channel Whitney port piece.

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