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All students back in school quote this school year will be a Alan JJ for us all. But we are doing everything possible to ensure a high quality education through virtual learning to start the year Now, you know, don't blame parents if they're a little skeptical of you, Mr Brave and given Fairfax County's attempts at virtual learning in the spring Weren't unmitigated disaster how many false starts they had trying to get the students to even attend school. At one point there was also responds with some of the kids hacking into the system and putting all sorts of nasty things on screen. You can imagine. S O. They they had a problem after problem after problem and school and parents in Fairfax County who send their kids to public schools were left tearing their hair out. At the broken system that they just could not get their act together. Now, Scott Bray band promising will have her and together we will we promise come the fall, and so they're starting in an all virtual format, which Beverly? I can't imagine. That this is great for all students, and maybe even most students to try and get an education while staring at a screen. And I even think of those in special ed programs. What does this mean for them as well? What about kids who have both parents working? How is that going to work out but the actual schedule for the day so you want to hear it A virtual school day is like for public high schools in secondary schools. It starts at 8 10 in the morning till 2:55 p.m. Pretty common, But of course there aren't going to be. There isn't going to be p e physical education. They will have classes lasting about 80 minutes with 15 minutes groups. Green breaks between them. So they have these little breaks, right. But I still want to know Are the kinks worked out. You mentioned some of the issues that they had before. In addition to just the school, not being able to implement virtual learning in the spring, and I think we're willing to give them some some flexibility and some understanding that we're in a very unprecedented time, but other places seem to get it together. That's the question that I have, though, is what about those families where you have multiple Children? Do they all have computers? Do you have enough WiFi van with To handle all your Children being on WiFi. What if you're working from home is well and need a computer and WiFi are there enough rooms to separate all the Children? There are a lot of logistical questions and addition, Tio, I would even say low income families. Do they really have the infrastructure? And how are we helping families prepare for this? Yeah, well, let's ask somebody who knows a lot about all of this. Elizabeth Schultz joins us Now She's a former Fairfax County school board member who is watching all of this really closely, Elizabeth. Good morning. Oi! I think Beverly is asking better questions that I've heard from anybody. She's good that Elizabeth, do you think Fairfax County has come in anywhere close to solving all of the problems that plagued their virtual learning in the spring? I certainly think that they're spending a lot more time hosting diversity seminars, you know, this week and the superintendent doing those town hall? Yes address. Think some of those really important questions. Those are very serious functions that have not been a drop in any of the plan. The multiple Children is an excellent question. One of the things that didn't get mentioned in Beverly Questions were the special education needs. Well, If you have a child who has special education requirements, you are those needs being that are the needs of some. Ah, privileged kids. S all kids. And what about the technology needs? What if you don't have a parent who has a stallion and the technology has certainly we saw those problems and spring And the overarching thing is, is that you know, we're supposed to be teaching our Children. Among the many other things, you know the basics of you know, the hard sciences. The hard sciences means, you know. Hey, look can do even have the date of the sport. And out of a population of over six million, and we've had just over 20. About 2100 people passed away since January 21st You have such an instant, helpful percentage. We don't even have just over 1% of people in Virginia, even having the current cases. So where are we teaching Children? You know the the basics of getting through. You know something like this. Given. You know the statistics that Children are not even the real carriers of this, not that they can't get it, but that they're not getting it. And then there's no not a single case documented of a child transmitting it to a teacher. That's right. Wait here in the situation where you're asking parents to become the teachers. And become the Ah, the school based missions and to teach them all of these different particular for something that is happening for something called secret. This learning, you know a fraction of the day. Okay? What happens for the rest of the day? And we're not even addressing the mental health crisis that is Swelling underneath the underneath the surface even now, and that doesn't even count. You know, months ahead into the future, and it has the school board said what we're hoping to achieve in order to allow students to go back into the classroom. So is this just indefinitely? We have virtual learning for Fairfax County schools. Are there certain little points where we know with Kobe tester at this rate, or if X happens? We know we can go back to school, because really, what is it that we're shooting for? Well, that's an excellent question, because of course, you know the vagaries of the phrase until it's safe. Well, what is the definition? Because we started it all of the beginning of this. Which was probably flattening a curve. And if we're no more flattening a curve and it until there's not what a single case documents within Virginia, you know, it's here to stay. I mean, we had the first clue. Vaccine No. 73 yards from years ago. Can everybody still gets the flu? In fact, you know Louis 16 to 20 times more deadly and Children. And then the coronavirus and so way have disproportionately affected Children for something that is nebulous hanging out there in the future of Until it faith without a definition of what until it's safe, even means Elizabeth's Charles, I want to ask you about something you mentioned at the outset, despite the fact that we need to either get the students back to school or figure out a way to teach them While while they're at home, Fairfax County, Virginia has focused on a number of things that don't have anything to do with that. BMW STP just posted an online forum for Fairfax County schools. On quote addressing systemic racism two weeks ago, and this week, the Fairfax County School superintendent Brave Brave brand against Scott Bray Brandt eyes, saying that the school system needs to spend more time focusing on quote equity. He wants to make that the quote number one focus. It kind of seems like the priorities are out of whack here. Well, we had already before I left. He had already shifted the chief academic officer, one of the top senior leadership positions in the entire Cool district from a chief academic lobster to achieve equity officer So that person left to head up a superintendency and in a neighboring school jurisdiction and to say now that he's going to quote unquote higher. She's act well, We have one, you know about the chief academic Foster for chief equity officer. The ultimate irony. ISS is that where is the aptly in academics? We are enhancing the unquote equity gap. At the maximum level to the most older students, whether it's special education, whether it's English as a second language, you know any number of various Ah need areas for students by not.

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