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One's suggesting they're not decent people. But the point is that Andrew Cuomo made life and death decisions. Which have compromised and then hid information from the federal government, which is that is a potentially criminal in nature. Uh, Marta person to do break the law so blatantly the most My way. Well, what way anyway, said there's a lot of smart people who break the law. Um do you know the guy on Friday night? We had Andy welling on the phone with us. Does the name Rick Singer Ring a bell? Rick Singer singer. Yeah, like singer like a singer. Was he involved with another Cole Smith? No, that was just no, no, no. He was the brains us child behind, Um, the varsity blues case, Very smart guy. And and he developed this pipeline to various schools around the country. And his Indy leveling explained to us on Friday night. He would go to these people. The Hollywood types the big businessman and say, Hey, do you want your kid to go to this school? That school or whatever, and they say Yeah, And he said, Well, I could get him in, but it's gonna cost you a little bit. And if you want to get him in, you got to spend. You got to donate $10 million to build a building. But I could get him in for half a million over $300,000. They thought it was the deal's who use a smart guy, but he could caught so Well, say, Jack will say I'm up on my 10 30 news. I'm so happy for you that you're gonna get your shot. Thank you very much. And God bless all those people who are working in this field and giving people shots and they should go to be protected. And absolutely thank you very much. We'll talk soon. Okay. Thanks, Jack. 617254 10 30 Triple 8929 10 30. We're talking about Andrew Cuomo and a disgraceful record a disgraceful record of basically Sending people sending people who had covert 19 into or back into nursing homes, which in turn led to the deaths of others who did not have covert 19. An incredible It's coming out in New York is man effect members of his own party, including the state attorney general in New York, a Democrat. Letitia James, calling him on the carpet. Congratulations to her. I hope he pays for what he Apparently orchestrated coming back on night side right after this night side.

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