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They're mclovin if you can't okay if you could watch only one of these two players the rest of the season. Lamar Jackson or Luca Danni sixty three percent Lamar Jackson. We'll talk to the niners. All pro tight end George kibble. He will join US coming coming up at the top of the hour. We make way for Rich Eisen the NFL network host and host of the rich Eisen show and direct. TV's audience network also the host of the NFL. One one hundred all time team. That series airs Friday at eight PM Eastern along with Chris Collin Worth and Bill Belichick and the list of finalists will be revealed tonight on. ESPN rich good morning. What's been the most surprising reaction to the list so far? Oh I don't know if I've had a surprising reaction I i. Ah Ah 'cause I was expecting people to say well. That's that's That's the way ballot check is I I thought that I get that. And then I knew that certain you you know people That would have an issue with the running backs list not having a single player who played their entire career in the twenty first century on on it that the player of the running backs group of all twelve to step off the field most recently was Emmett Smith so and he's been in the hall of fame for quite some time now so I was expecting all of that And I don't know I'm just. I'm just thrilled. That people have really gotten into it. certainly with the with the show airing on a Friday night so It was great to shoot DP. We did it at. NFL films back in May NFL films Can do great work when they have Two days to turn something around. They had six months at this. And the Ad Edit Bay. So it's it's just been great and I'm I'm fired up that it's finally here. How do you think history is going to look back on Frank? Gore's career I I. I think people will look back on it and saying why isn't he in the hall of fame you know I hope he does get in. I think he deserves it. But he's he wasn't on any commercials commercials. He's not the guy that's the go to guy by the media afterwards. He's a soft spoken dude Who just keeps going? And in in the era in which the thirty something running back as opposed to be cast aside and no longer effective he just keeps doing it he. He's still is the last thousand yard Russia for the Indianapolis Colts And we're not even talking about the forty niners who for whom He had a one hundred yard rushing and touchdown game in the Super Bowl against the ravens in the superdome. So it's just the guys had big games in big spots for big teams. Yes and nobody talks about it. Because he's a guy who never seeks the spotlight and never the spotlight never seeks him or find him. He just keeps ticking I mean he needs fifteen hundred yards to catch Walter Payton which at his current clip would be maybe two more years depending on which team gets him and uses them were or keeps them so. It's entirely possible that it could go Amit and Frank Gore but right now in terms of people who are you know well Living members of the all time rushing list. It's it's it's Emmett and Franco right now. Yeah and I agree I. He's a hall of Famer and not everybody is. I always look at the hall of fame. We go well. She is good as this guy like every baseball player's not as good as Babe Ruth but that doesn't mean you're not a hall of Famer. Not Franco Franco is not Barry Sanders. He's not Emmett Smith. He's not Jim Brown. He's not Walter Payton but that doesn't mean he can't be a hall of Famer we get. We get caught up on these numbers in comparisons. Listen and then we lose sight on what somebody accomplished. And I think Frank Gore is a hall of Famer and another thing with this league. It's a copycat league or at least it feels like that. Sometimes the greatest show on turf. Everybody thought well. Let's see if we can run an offense the way the rams were running it now. You have Lamar. Jackson is Lamar. Mark Jackson going to create a copycat. Are we going to start looking for Lamar Jackson in the draft because of his success when maybe we wouldn't have if he didn't have this this. NBP like season. I don't know D.. I mean you could make a case. That Lamar is the copycat copycat of Russell Wilson and copycat of Of Dak he's the copycat of I mean we could go on and on I mean Mahomes is even a guy that can run it a little bit. But obviously he's no look throws his Roger Federer type uncorking shot That you don't see coming sixty yard passes or overshadow the the ability. I believe we can do both. I mean you know And that these guys are all eventually copycats. Vic that the issue with Lamar Jackson is it doesn't appear like he could be copycat. Is such a genuine article who has the ability to Slice you up and N- With his with his legs with an and the fact that he he's the one that delivers the hit towards the end of the run to And now we're seeing also his ability to sidearm balls through a needle Throwing receivers open that way. I mean that that is that is next level level stuff that we're not used to seeing out of a second year quarterback Even though we did see it out of last year's MVP Under those circumstances. So he's he's playing as well as in. My mind is mahomes. I mean he won't wind up with fifty touchdown passes but He he should account for about forty when it's all said and done He's pushing thirty. I think in terms of touchdowns accounted for so I I think he is the guy that that also so has led to cuyler. Murray I mean we he might push Jalen hurts further up the The the draft board this coming year sure but The question is who can play. Like Lamar I don't know But that'll be certainly fun to find out. I think you're definitely seeing being teams believing that this is not only a winnable format but sustainable and and John Harbaugh man. I mean this guy changed streams. Last you're Dan in the middle of the year like if a if a Martian came down from from from the heavens last night and that was the first football game that the Martian saw goes ooh. That's that's the way quarterbacks play on quarterbacks don't play like that as a matter of fact let's show you the difference. We would show them footage of the Guy He replaced in Joe FLACCO. That's the footage we would show and they did it midstream last year and now with a full off season man it's just been dynamite to watch them and and they also racked up two hundred six yards rushing. It's not just his arm. I don't know how this can be copycat but you also have a situation and we went back and looked in an article that a report four thirty in rappaport had it was November fourth of last year. John Harbaugh was on the hot seat and it was. If you don't make the postseason John Hardball Horrible. was probably going to be fired and here. Because he made that change and went to Lamar Jackson. And that change the fortunes of this franchise. So you know let. Let's not make. It seem like John Harbaugh was on stable footing here he no. He went to Lamar Jackson. I think it was desperate times. Desperate measures offers end till Lamar Jackson. And as a result you know he might be coach of the year in more Jackson might be MVP. That's quickly I mean remember. Coughlin was on the hot. Let's see two and you decided you know I'm GonNa make a change. I guess let maybe the the foot off the gas pedal within his own locker room and and hand things off to his veteran players and then suddenly boom he wins the super bowl and Bumi wins another one and we're talking about him eventually. Maybe one day should he be in the hall of fame. I mean these things in that way of happened before and I guess just just to put a button on it. I should mention Cabernet. I mean tapper. Nick is also a forerunner of of of Lamar Jackson. To the point where The current coordinator of the Ravens was capper Knicks for another hobby harbaugh against John in the Super Bowl years ago. It really is a whole full circle situation but again again. I just don't know how Lamar Jackson can be different. And Tapper Nic was that was that same guy in a way where he was like an ATM points ATM. You put the card and you. Just plus runner are passionate and the points and yards. Came Out Back in two thousand twelve. Were kinda seeing that again. I mentioned the rams issues in the first hour because they do have some issues here and they might not make the playoffs. And I think it's only gonNA get worse for this team because you know girlie is not in every down back anymore. I loved Donald. Do you sign up Jalen Ramsey. They have so much money that they've spent so much of a cap hit and with Jared Goff no draft picks. And you're going to be moving into that new stadium. I just don't think things get better for the rams. I think they get worse. What do you think I think in the same way that we're we're talking about John Harbaugh looking inward if you will or looking at the pieces that he has we'll we'll see what mcvay does but It's hard to. It's hard to sit here here and say that that Belichick in the Super Bowl last year didn't figure out if for the lack of better phrase. What the rams were doing when their special sauce? That had them one year ago. He won't talk about one year ago at this time we were talking about the death of defense after the rams and chiefs put up one hundred and one hundred five points together on Monday night And since that night the rams really offense hasn't been the same. I I still believe in Sean mcvay to try and figure out what can be done less meets needs. A smart guy pushed all their chips to the center of the table. On as the Rams Organization has on less and on Sean and on Golf and girly and Donald Don obviously Jalen Ramsey as well They're smart enough to try and figure out another way through potentially but I. I think you're right that the sands and the hourglass twenty nineteen or fast running out there to bind the Vikings right now and and and I don't know how they bridge that gap this year rich Eisen the rich Eisen show. NFL network host the NFL will One hundred old time team the defensive linemen and linebackers linebackers who made the team will be revealed. This week finalist will be revealed tonight on. ESPN great.

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