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Cares right but yeah, we sort of perfected things So by the time hit by the car and season four we were really off to the races. So this episode, the stunt was kind of. The Beginnings of Of My bravery. So thanks for watching. She's fearless. She really is insane I mean she is fearless if you go and watch that deleted scene. Truly, a whole entire shelf full of stuff falls on her and you can't even see her it's it's she's fearless. I would have been like Debbie I'm need you I'm GonNa need to in Debbie get on in here because. There is no way I would have done that no way. I am too much of a scaredy cat. You know what's interesting is that one of the things I really wanted to do on this show why I think I think I'm a bad ass driver. I'm probably not but I always wanted to do all my driving stunts and when they let me like because you know I have a few driving scenes I would get really excited don't WanNa do those either I like it when they hook it up to a rig poll the car I'm like I don't want to drive down the road while acting no one wants that I've had that before I'm always terrified. Well one thing that did make it into the scene. This very odd moment of Daryl finding his ipod. And I want you to know that is not inscription that was an improvisation by Craig on the day he actually found an ipod deck and speaker. Somewhere, back in the warehouse and he just did this bit and made it into the show and it is so funny to me. We got so much mail about it. You bore like is there something I'm missing? Is there a deleted scene from a previous episode where Darrel Loses ipod is this product placement for I brought again? No, it was just this random funny bit. He does it with such like real boost. While we had to be there pretending like we were going through boxes guys. So we were really doing stuff. Would you don't really see it didn't really make it into the show, but I think that he legitimately opened up a box and that was in there and he got all I did. Yes exactly. Well, I, have a little Angela Roy moment that happens right at the same time at fourteen minutes forty four seconds you can see Angeles starts to walk up to Roy in. His about to like go up to him and then Daryl Yells I. found that ipod dock and I I went my head and I- pivot the other way. Wow. You have to go and watch it more of the Untold Angela Story and I'm wondering I mean what what was meant to happen. They're like it's not in the script is not deleted scene but I'm sure I was given some direction maybe to go over and you know in the background sort of talk to Roy. But Yeah when Daryl yells I turn around and go the other direction it's a fun little catch will then we see Pam is doing some inventory and Karen comes up to her and thanks her she says, thank you so much for talking sense into Jim. Karen is so happy. Her relationship is back on everything's okay, and then we cut to Pam just sobbing on a bench in the hallway. And Angela I. watched the scene and it just brought tears to my eyes because I remember shooting it. So clearly so clearly, and we got a lot of questions about it. So, we got questions from Joe Salazar and she let were a Lisa Goldman Jillian Riley and Charlie Sparkin Baugh they wanted to know how was it filming that Iconic Pam Dwight seen when PAM is crying? Well guys this was like early on in the show and whenever we have these really emotional scenes like that parking lot scene with Jim and Pam. We would just kind of shut down everything and I remember that we shut down the set. And we took hours prepping and shooting this crying scene. It was really important to Greg that I really be crying. They did not want to put tears in my eyes. He wanted me to really go there and this is a really big challenge for an actor. and. So what they did was they made everything really quiet. And no one talked to me for about a half hour and I put on the saddest music I could find and it was sad because it was personal to me right it was music that brought up. Memories of breakups music that I listen to at different times in my life when I was having a particularly hard time. So it would bring up a lot of emotions. And I had spent the previous week creating playlists 'cause I knew that it would invoke a lot of emotion and I sat and I listened to it until I was crying. And then Halley our first de came and took the headphones away from me. And then they started rolling. And that's how they were able to begin the scene with me crying. Because when you play a scene Angela and you have dialogue and you have connection with a person. A lot of times that will bring the emotion out of you but it's really hard to start a scene in full cry because you just have to get yourself there. No. That's so true. It's it's actually really hard because you're basically taking yourself emotionally from zero to sixty and I had to do a crying scene in a show called haters back off that would like something in the middle and I remember day. Let me sort of. Sort of just step away from set to get myself there, and once I was there, they started rolling I took this acting class and it was talking about emotional journeys and. The, acting teacher. Encouraged us to pick a song one song because sometimes onset you don't have the luxury of being able to like go listen. That really shows how much our show was taking care of you in that moment I feel like, yeah But sometimes you only have a few minutes to reset yourself emotionally to get to that place. So we took everyone picked one song. In your mind you sing that one song by the end of that song. You should be an emotional place and it really worked for me and I find for myself. Now I'm older now guy I'm forty nine and more life has happened to me and. It's easier for me to get to that.

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