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Meriva robotic over i and since then it's famous renames against yannacone says you rightly so she's got a couple of victories on rebel on he second favorite johanna konta behind mcgarth win tournaments issues favorites to beat venus williams but also spoke our sister station we thought we'd also knew who really should nar right who's gonna win because she knows johanna konta welke played against the but she knows venus williams even back jerry what rebecca now now now you're gonna walk serena williams venus the style now we spurts serena and we all serena whether she could predict the winner today's going actually i don't know like i mean that her thing but i like you know they're doing well to be there and ambient padding match obviously sorry i mean obviously srinath kasese expecting your baby up but i'll tell you mind well beli we got a big essence of sport and serena williams clearly that things if this is a very even match and i was he's gonna be pressuring johanna konta is wimbledon is a semi fought murray's gone that right for for years and years the pressures we've been on murray to get to the quarterfinals semifinal the final win the thing because he's already print now be interesting to see whether or not so the same thing housing anaconda how she deals with that pressure that waits of expectation has never been there before in i've always gone through station now we resort sulu person i would not have you ever heard yannacone on those before when they're year ago or two years ago nobody under laredo nobody would have occurred she's no longer under the right on that's extra pressure so lots her wimbledon today because it's a it's a massive new emabssy macedonians that was that was chokes bodies by tomorrow morning with the launch of allah and we most certainly does oh time for sounds you go to the movies with the perfect companion the the.

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