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You get into a situation way. The world really is a battle between good paypal naval papal visit just got rid of the evil label. Everything will be all right at always seemed to me to be a very dangerous mistake that conservatives dont Mike One group who understand human nature never changes. We're all mixture of the gooden able and the pool scum. Tendencies to want to do the wrong thing. But is America. Able to learn something from understanding its own origins and his own revolution versus the French model ally determined. Are we reaching a point where we're going to replicate the terrible mistakes that through France into a mess? That's the subtext of all of the discussions that we have every day in this country whether they're on television our debates on talk radio or the OP ed columns or in local and regional state elections that it's basically a to paradigm, the French Revolution, a mouse, the Bolsheviks versus the American revolution and the code words throughout history are always the same when you start to hear. Equality rather than freedom liberty. and. Here, internationalism the Bolsheviks were always talking about international, Bolshevik present those mouth what Asian model. PAN-ARAB ISM baptisms another one and the French said they were going to sweep all of Europe into a French Revolutionary Immune. And whereas the United States was always that we have a particular problem in the United States, and we're going to solve that and within our borders were going to not. We're GONNA not presume that we can go out and slavery gains that was sort of the idea of America and we're going to if we give people Li a freedom and liberty than we have confidence in human nature, we have non-governmental. Agencies operations traditions that will inculcate virtue and the person who makes money rather than take it from him or are define how much you can make deleterious. Consequences on the economy when you do that is that we can encourage them and persuaded him to give back and that was a pretty good model American universities were all product of our and we have the largest private lawns. Lampy in the world you're doesn't have anything comparable to Harvard Yale Princeton stamfor-. Caltech. Do of his private endowed universities but. When you get into this revolutionary year one mo where you're going to be holistic and systematic role than were mouth suits I'm not..

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