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Orlando's morning news every computer and I'm literally millions are expected to board their planes trains and automobiles head back home after the holidays trying to bear a new storm surging through the west that makes thank them travelers and its grip for many the holiday travel in the worst of it is over but analysts say several cities like Houston and Boston and Seattle haven't yet hit their peak congestion and as the storm marches to the east the drive could be impacted for millions more people pull county sheriff Grady Judd is calling out Amazon after one of its delivery drivers was caught on video sealing a package the driver for the package down took a picture of it and then took it with them judge said Amazon refused to cooperate with the investigation without a subpoena and they would provide the name of the driver deputies ended up using video surveillance from the home to identify the driver and charge him Amazon has since apologized member the why why data breach we told you about last week well at least six lawsuits have been filed against the company claiming it failed to protect customers sensitive information the breach exposed cardholder names numbers and expiration dates used in store and gas pumps and went undetected for nearly nine months the suit seeks unspecified damages in lawyer fees well as over a hundred stores along the east coast including a hundred and fifty right here in Florida in an update to the case against liberty lawyer Michael Ovitz ninety federal prosecutors say he was a massive debt when he tried to blackmail Nike new court documents as to me Abu Dhabi owed more than fifteen million dollars he's accused of demanding as much as twenty five million from the shoe company to keep him from going public with claims that the company made improper payments to college basketball recruits the trial is scheduled for January up I'll be filling in for Brian Kilmeade also Monday of next week and Thursday and Friday of next week so not new year's eve or new year's day but every other day next week I'll be filling in for Brian Kilmeade on this network.

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