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WWE hall of Famer Jim Ross and now the man himself noodle JR. Yes. Indeed. And Hello again, everybody I'm gonna JR Jim Ross is the Jim Rausch report your big heaping helping a Slava knocker audio is on the air. Good show today. I'll be talking with the first time to pro rushing sheet founder Ryan satin for me of TMZ. We'll talk about the news of the day. And no Ryan was all over the story regarding all the activities that went on down in Jacksonville on on Tuesday with all elite wrestling. So we'll talk a lot about that. Ryan had reporters on the site on the scene if you will. So we'll talk about that and much more. And not only that ladies gentlemen. Here's what's on my mind. Want to kick it off by thanking those of you subscribe to our program on apple podcast, Google podcast, Spotify, tune in Stitcher in how ever the hill. You get your slobber knocker audio. We appreciate it very much for those free. Subscriptions, you never miss a show that way, and we also free at the five star reviews because really folks be honest aren't the five star reviews. The only reviews worth talking about. Sure, they are. So again, Ryan sat and still to come here on the program. I s thoughts on the all elite wrestling press conference gathering. They had on Tuesday. I watched it watched. It all start to finish. I thought that the message that the new promotion wanted to tell was told in other words, they the validation that this is a real entity. It's actually going to happen and a nother global wrestling brand is going to be developed over time. Thanks to the confidently is a reality. So I thought that that it it tied the mole around everything. There's no more speculation. There's no more of this or that. It's a matter of its realities real. So I thought that was very good. I thought that the the. Resignation by large was was entertaining to the degree that the close of the event with Chris Jericho was outstandingly booked well placed Welford ucsd, if you will whatever your term might be the cost Jericho was the biggest star on show, and that's not a knock on the audio right now, she got I got a polish is now I didn't mean to not Cody are the young bucks are hanging page or whomever pock at center cetera. I'm not knocking anybody. It's just that Jerko is the longest tenured Bogle star that appeared on that presentation in a story. So I thought that was a great way to end it. He'll be a great asset. No doubt an any role that he's put in. I can't see Kris van on a weekly television show every week though. He's just that. He's kinda guy likes to do different things. He hasn't varied interests. And. That include his band and other projects he's working on. So I enjoy the presentation. I thought the that. It was nice that the way they introduced everybody, you know, that looks like Cody is going to be kind of the guy that's going to ramrod the single guy. Single wrestlers the bucks'll. I'm sure we'll oversee the sun degree the tag teams, and a fairly brandy roads is going to oversee the women which had a job that I really wanted. By not asked to interview, so kidding. So you know, there's a plan coming about. I I love the commitment of con- family. You know, you know, this company is not going to run out of money tomorrow. The number have problem getting the ring to the next town. It's all going to work out real, well, so I'm being facetious here. And I'm sure that others other talents this alacrity in college. When he sign a five star recruit out of high school, and you signed him Hume early and football, for example, using that as an example, then you find out that that star player becomes one of your best recruiters, and that others in the star flare world of high school football graduating going to college they come very interested in in what they're buddies are doing. So I think that that's kind of what I see in this scenario is that town. Alice that are not happy in one regard for one reason or the other usually because one of the to cease and occasionally both the to seize meeting cash and creative. So so some of those fearful I'm sure will be making inroads are enquiring about again, a jersey for the the AWT m-. So we'll see that..

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