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Already. So it's not just beta Aurora who is being given the king's treatment by the media. It's also Kamla Harris who is really I find her radically unlikable. I know I'm not supposed to say that it is super sexist. If you say that a woman is unlikable, it is pretty much the most sexist thing, you can say about a woman is that she is unlikable like that time. The Barack Obama said that Hillary Clinton was unlikeable that was super sexist. Well, comma, Harris, I don't find particularly likable, but the media are trying super hard to sell her like really hard, by the way. I always find it. We when people say unlikable sexist term have you met Ted Cruz like really like, I know Senator Cruz I like Senator Cruz in. He doesn't come off. Great on camera. There's certain likeability factor that just matters in politics in any case ABC news has an entire piece today on her. It's ABC news really journalists being everywhere. And it's it's incredible. It's from good Morning America. Listen to this headline news headline. This is not a teen beat headline celebrities. They're just like us headline. Here's the actual headline. Potential twenty twenty presidential candidate, comma, Harris shirts. Advice for young women. Don't let anybody tell you who you are you tell them who you are. That's a headline a news headline. I know it's been a real problem for me is when I walk up to people, and I just say, Bob guys. Like, no, I'm Jim my nominee. You who you are. You're bob. That's that's been a real problem. In fact, I actually do this every day when I go to the coffee shop. I don't let them tell me who I am. I tell them who I am. So that they can read it on the Cup. And then I can get my coughing. She is just the most platitudinous politician in the world, my favorite, quote from this interview that ABC news is touting is, quote, if it's worth fighting for than it's a fight worth having. Okay. Okay. If the sky is blue than it is also blue. And then she like it's just a list actually listed out on my Twitter feed this morning. She dropped no less than thirteen platitudes in. The course of an interview every sentence. She said was a platitude every single one. She actually says things like sh-, she's asked for advice. There's a piece of advice for young women. You ready for this groundbreaking? This is the kind of stuff that oughta make it president. This is groundbreaking advice for women. According to good Morning America, quote, surround yourself with really good friends groundbreaking advice from the front running presidential candidate, comma, Harris. She says it's really important because none of us have achieved success. We have without really good friends mind blown I my I I don't know say about that. It's just the genius rolls offer in waves. Pretty amazing. I want to give you a quick update on the Steve king story because I wanna get to the state of the union stuff in a second. But the king story is is. Is pretty is pretty telling this is an update the Steve king story as you all know Representative Steve king from Iowa key was asked he actually asked in a New York Times interview, how the terms white nationalist and white supremacist became offensive. Right. According to the New York Times and a bunch of Republicans and Democrats looked to censor Steve king a bunch of them looked to censure him for his racial comments. So what did Democrats do do they vote for the center, they run the house after all? So why didn't they just vote for the centre instead House Democratic leaders blocked in effort to censor Steve king for racial comments? They referred the measure to the house ethics committee for further review. Why would they do such a thing don't they hate racist comments? Well, turns out what they are afraid of is that if they censor Steve king. They're also going to have to start censoring the their members of their own caucus for saying racist stuff. Really? I'm not saying they are saying this. Jim Clyburn admitted as much Clyburn who's the house majority whip he noted that king made his statements to the news media not during house proceedings. He said, I don't know. It's a good thing to talk about central. For things that are done outside the business of the house of representatives. He said, we should be very very careful about doing anything that constrains or seems to constrain speech..

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