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The partial government shutdown is entering its third week with Democrats and President Trump locked in a stalemate over the president's proposed border wall. The president warns the shutdown could be far from over. And he's considering a drastic move to fund his border wall. Here's tervell Mary reporting. It seems that both sides are not willing to give an inch, and they actually are hardening at this point the president is looking at other options to get funding for the wall. He's looking at ways to bypass congress to be able to build the wall. His latest is that he's thinking about declaring a national emergency. So that he can use department of defense funding to build the wall. It appears that right now, the Democrats have an upper hand. But when the next paycheck is set to go out January eleventh to federal workers. And if that's missed I think both sides will suffer politically from this shutdown. Nonstopping Nancy Pelosi from pushing ahead with her gender. The first piece of legislation. Speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi is introducing is a sweeping ethics reform Bill among other measures. Bill would require all presidential candidates to produce the last ten years of tax returns. Taking direct aim at President Trump's land Zach reporting three people are dead and four injured after gunfire broke out a Torrance, California bowling alley late last night. Doorns police say they're investigating the incident at the Gable? House bowl of say, the victims were male witnesses say the shooting began when a fight broke out among a group of young women escalated in the men jumped in and video posted by Instagram user, lease tech. Hey, Zeus Peres described a panic inside the bowling alley. Started running for the so the cars and take off running the brother of an next marine detained in Russia's says, Paul Whalen is not a spy his brother, David Williamson. An Washington Post op Ed justifies his brother's four passports in his use of Russian websites. Williams attorney says he plans to plead not guilty. Julia McFarland has more Russian news site with ties to the security services claims Wayland was caught with a classified list of Russian operatives saying that wheelin had been spying for the US for ten years trying to create Russians through internet, chatrooms and social media, but some speculating that this arrest is all about reciprocity after the legal Russian agent Maria beaten was arrest. In July later, pleading guilty to a conspiracy charge. The parents of a missing Colorado. Mama foul. Wrongful death suit against her fiance. Patrick is charged with the murder of Kelsey Berith aerial Rashif has warned that's Dory. The parents of Kelsey Barrett. Now filing a civil lawsuit against their daughter's fiance. Patrick crazy, just hours after he appeared in court on charges. He killed the Colorado. Mom, the suit accusing him of wrongful debt claiming phrase the acted. It's either the perpetrator or accessory to the murder of Kelsey Barrett. Her parents, also alleging negligence, saying frac- inflicted physical mental and emotional acts of violence upon Kelsey Berith prior to her death, not a big fish tale. But a big fish sale in Tokyo says Dave Schreiber six hundred twelve pound bluefin tuna went for a record three hundred thirty three million yen or about three million dollars years. First auction at Tokyo's new fish market. That's nearly five thousand bucks per pound. The winning bid was made by Japan. Sushi tycoon Kiyoshi Q Mora who's held the record in previous years where most expensive fish bought at auction. And the price keeps going up experts say increased demand by Japanese sushi lovers now threatens the Pacific bluefin tuna with possible extinction. You may remember the words from the group digital underground Humpty dance song about the fast food restaurant Burger.

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