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Hi Everyone, this is John Shea of the San Francisco Chronicle with the latest giant splash podcast. We've got big news. The giants have halted their workouts at Oracle. Park suspended them pending results, of Covid nineteen tests that were conducted over the weekend. Several reporters spoke with the manager gave Kappler in zoom interview, and we wanted to share his thoughts on what this does for the team's preparation for a season that may or may not be played. We're providing Kappler's answers to questions about what's next and we'll start with his opening. Comment right after the. Does the anticipation of another desk lunch of baby, carrots and ranch dressing. Keep you up at night. Here's a cure. Extra Spicy and New San Francisco Chronicle podcast by me, so Lejla and the Justin Phillips Look I. Thought I was going to have to go defend ranch wholeheartedly right now, but. I see what's happening, I'll chill. I'll be cool. Leave it for next time. You'll hear that and more slander every week. Subscribe to extra spicy now on apple, spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. For jumping on a keep keep this brief since I know you guys already have the bulk of the information, but as you know, we decided to postpone, today's worked out. Some players and pitchers in particular were able to get. A light recovery worked out in this morning. and re we do expect results at some point. testing results at some point today of from. You know in this will help us clear things up. in assuming that we're all clear. We'll pick this back up tomorrow. On our regular schedule on today's workout will just. Be handled tomorrow, and we. We really don't believe this is. GonNa hurt. Our camp or development. Just miss a day and. Nice mental blow for our players. I feel as confident today as as I did yesterday. under I understand during a long way to guard. Our Club does as well. Our players and staff included in that. I still have confidence your. I think more than anything I just maintain. The Uh for everybody. That's working really hard to get our chance. Of running, but also across the week. And all the bugs that are working harder, but Their players decision. How successes nobody nobody at the city easy and everybody's is invested, they can. Because we're dealing with with so many players. Different in varying levels of comfort or his comfort and the we. We say very close contact with our players. You know most of the anxiety is is just around Gobert in general. But I, don't they just is related anyway. Anything other than what society in general. I think the best way that expresses. that Saturday's results. The results. Saturday's tests are back. We're expecting them to be back. At some point today with with big taught. In Our We! Don't have specific number separated out. That we don't have results back from our test Saturday. A. That's why we made the decision. Look I think we're? GonNa be. Getting information. Throughout every day that helps us make more informed decisions on whenever we can I I would like us to be able to to save flexible nimble, so we can make the best decisions for that day for the group. At the same time I think whenever we can be decisive and halvard players Get. Get prepared for the next day. They WANNA dot as well and in this particular case. I think we had the ability. To recognize it, we we were GONNA say development and our champ wasn't gonNA separate anyway by being decision on behalf of our group. So what we might do different. Meet maybe nothing, but by definitely is stay flexible. Have as much information as awesome. Make the best. Out of the group. For like acknowledged that trust in communication. Is certainly important and I guess from a standpoint. Major League Baseball clubs.

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