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The day of the week boots dot com get a pair pie quality boots. You'll be wearing four years so they go Thursday boots. Dot Com make sure over there now. Get a pair of which I'm going to do that. I didn't do it yesterday and today again ship before before I head up to New York next week. which were I'm looking looking forward to? I guess although I don't know what we're doing there exactly that's what I was gonNA. Ask because last time you had kind of a schedule. Yes radio yet. Am Am Eskimo yesterday yeah so Kelly Martin's working on your schedule. There's there's a lot of people you're GONNA be I guess have to deal with individually like KFC right and Dave I think also you're going to be doing twenty dollars chef with Sean Leith what is that. I do not see this. I have the very very very many hasn't about this but I'll do whatever they ask me. You're going to be like Martha Stewart. I'm a cooking thing. I think it'd be observing someone cooking something aw that's the show yeah yeah. The whole idea is the Sean Letham is shut. He hosts the show name but I like him or no. On the show day does stand up. Thank you got in a fight with Francis a while back okay. I don't know if immediately drive to let you do anything anything yeah. Just be yourself cooperating right now. You're not gonNA crack wise okay. We're GONNA put a fucking apron on you now. I don't think you'll have to do that so the North Yorks for for two days next week and all we have lined up as a cooking show working on it. It's a IT'S A. It's not like advanced planning process but I think you're going to be doing radio with Dave. I think you're GONNA they. Do the cousins show you a bunch of stuff. Serious has been kind of just. We don't care about them fine. Whatever I'm sure I'll do stuff with Casey and big cat fight if they want to and David saying based on what based on my exchanges with Kelly okay okay. What is my role. This is Mike why I told them that makes available elbows well. was there a lot of feedback on that a lot of excitement date the hotel. Mike it's kind of exciting things. I said you know if anyone wants a big fun of a blind man but we also have our own show to do correct okay good. No it's important to be cooking. Well I mean the the show. That will be happening while we're taping our podcast. I don't think is going to have have you on probably not although although I'm happy to do it if they ask. I'll go on yeah. We're Mike whoever yeah maybe could be better guy than to bridge the gap. Yeah I'm happy to do it. I was surprised CBS our producer right yeah how surprise fucking baby he wasn't a message yesterday yeah. I don't know maybe he just overreacted to know what was going on. What's the big deal and think you were and I I have no idea I don't know army. We'll talk to him as well so as of right now we have a cooking show lined up a cooking show. KFC and more more in the works with you lined up with Casey. I lined up the fact that you were going to line it up directly with gifts. No I've reached out to the people at Barstool who are in charge of booking and this is just the process that they yeah people were in charge of booking that we don't do a good job so we start booking ourselves. Yes okay so you put it in their hands. Just trying to fall into yeah. Yeah I mean the shows that are in the same building as them. They might be able to do a little bit better. I don't know why can cook it. What what the Fuck my doing. What let me hear some of the show. What the fuck are we doing. I'm cooking. What what am I some broad Mike Cooking. I hear you Chris Cooking well. It's like a comedy type thing. Am I gonNA like it. No okay what time is it. That honestly never seen maybe you I'm. I'm assuming that's true. I'm assuming based on you that you're not gonNA like. It's like nothing to do with the shooting. Maybe Shaun's a funny guy familiar with them yeah. I don't know I mean he sucks having having me honest. Good sign. was that the one Elliott said she liked us on that show that show on on on his show what's up everybody walking in another episode the Twenty Dollars Chef today. We're going to hone in on the home bar. You can only go to bar so often. You can only spend so much money that you never see a return on. Why not throw a little money money into your own self your own house. Today we're GONNA MAKE IS WE'RE GONNA go with a little coffee nightcap right Bogan out a little blue little Bailey's. We go go style with our froth author. You know what I mean. You Ain't doing shit. Let's frost your what is my role. Kim Confused. I don't know your role. I think the creative direction is GonNa come from Letham to the tissue okay well. You might like this because now I'm remembering he. So there's another guy chef Donnie over the name of the fight that tried doing okay like his own could thing and shot them. Just fucking rip shit out. I'll give it a shot sounds so that sound like something. I'm going to be good at. I'm willing guest on the episode you point because maybe we can get to a point where they taught you the old producer of finding something fast as possible just polka because I'm curious they ever had other guests where I'm sure they have guest ever in the history Toyota. Yes we're trying grumpy man it. I'm happy to try. I was I said to you. Anybody wants to come on well. Come on and dance for them. Whether therefore for two days promote promote promote Radka right yeah I mean makes me very busy himself pilots each happy to do anything. It doesn't seem like they want me but all right almost like a bigger star than you are weird. People like me Great Mike. That's wonderful. It's good enough to say what are you doing. Steve staring at something very seriously. I was trying to do what Mike said and don't want to move on. WHO's in criticizing the sizing up just saying it would be a good example. I tell you something guys. What's that sound. A little critical critical deserve deserve to be critical horrible faded. Oh you did. I only watch like ninety seconds out. Oh No no no I'm out. I was feeling great. I like this is so fucking bad I can't I called in sick. I'm Bob Weir Dr Savage or done if you want them releasing you releasing them in if you don't get it so last night oh you met her parents within you meet them before they opened the door. We yeah when he shot her aunt and uncle yes. I'm sorry right around Trinet parent figures good question on why is it not. I think that the Nigerian say aunt. What would you say though I don't know uh I don't have a relationship. We've watched both episodes in a second I would say on Oh. We have essentially then watch it last night. I listened to it. Actually the radio like in the old days to me folks in Newark. I've got I've got Bob. Hearts Abbas Shola Linus the laugh track on twitter no somebody somebody cuts something about Oh. I've been sent to you some of the cuts. Something up didn't like horror thing thing like a like a stock market really pretty fucking but I'll find it it. Actually it keeps saying if you want some socks some socks with no last. It's really funny. It does sound disturbing without the laugh track this business that he built with his blood sweat and tears. I get it do you 'cause. I don't see you scream at anybody. I just had my own heart attack. Good point credit where credit's due what's going on so so anniversary of debts heart attack. Is that something we celebrate. Hey well call me when you cut the cake hush about the work sake daddy goodbye. Dad I so I'll be looking at the fucking by listening to Bob Art. Show live with laugh track. 'em Out. I'm out The fans are released. You've you've got more things to do if you want to go. What do you WANNA keep watching you know. I just thought we were in it for the whole also talking about last night's episode so I guess the Uncle WanNa marry off. He had enough is enough because you really seems like you know what a terrible person by the way ever. Shola is a completely humorless. There's no there's no layers tour go straight straight man. They might as well put like a halo above her like she's angel. Who's like this wonderful person right right. But why would they funnier interesting. They WANNA. They get rid of her. I don't know why I understand. She's attractive enough person. Why is a psychopath so in love with her. They haven't given much of a reason for that cutting. It's it's very nice. Thanks lease or own. It's a lease good for you and contemporaries from this. Thank you no thank you. That's a fuck intentions right. You know what I'm fascinated. Giants like episode episode last night the House what's going on they. This is the scene where they're trying to sell her off. They kidnapped or something. I kind of got lost as to how he got in the house it happened. The first episode takes the bus home with does he just walked from there. I guess yeah they don't they don't mention it. It's a fucking crazy guy ever. He's crazy and Ted Bundy. Now you watch the first steps owed the pilot last night so I'll watch it. If you want me to regard episode when you were going getting ready to to watch last night's episode do you think boy I really hope as a previously on because I got so lost yes slow good because there was complicated but would intentions with my niece. Excuse me I is my sister's daughter. I'm responsible for her wellbeing. I'll have a right to know about the man who is pursuing here. I'm not pursuing anybody. We have this. SAUX probe okay fine. I took a shot but she wasn't interested and the story does what's in. This game is no fucking ball of charisma either. No it's through a bad farley impression just bad fucking bad so so what happened how so then they go on a date. She gives him Bob Inaba show she gives him half an hour or whatever they and she he makes some jokes that she doesn't really care for why she's she's a trip to yeah not not interested in him funny and then that's kind kind of it but they make it seem like been comes up. The husband does the husband. The husband is like an engineer back in Nigeria but she's he's not married though technically Mary she is yeah it's funny bit set up for hilarity realize he says are you married and she says yes and he says so you still with your husband and she says no really that's funny really no yeah. I took a guess who got you decapitate. Why did you guessed that Shimla Wando show. You're on a break. Yes we have twenty eight. Minutes sounds like speed dating. Those vomit is not so. I got a big laugh to track things. You don't whisper either minutes. Do you have hobbies well. It used to but since I got divorced suspend Must Matan work. How long were you married twelve years children. We tried. I tried. She just laid her. Oh wait a minute. What Rape Joe so the thing I'm fascinated by is like why don't you who would want to see these two people together America. They do everyone always talking about this relationship. Go ahead Belykh so I think of like the writer's room and there there was a scene last night where he's driving along headed to the date and he's singing along with whatever songs on the radio right and then he stops the car so obviously the radio turns off and he keeps singing yeah and that gets a laugh like big laugh. Hi still singing the radio and I think about like the writer's room like someone had to say exactly so all right so he's driving along in the music play and then he stops his car and music starts playing he now about this. He keeps saying and they go narrow. It was put it and they're they're already the fuck at stage with episode two right right yeah. They're just like we're getting paid and he says I tried. She just laid there showed it's on Fox with Timothy Hutton. I don't think so where he they find out that he is like inseminated like hundreds stories.

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