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Fsr or stream. It live on the peacock out. What's up everybody. It's me three time. Pro bowl lavar arrington and i couldn't be more excited announce a new podcast call up on game. What is point game. You add along with my fellow pro bowler tj cushman's outta and super bowl champion. Yup that's right plaxico burress. You can only name a show with that type of talent on it up on game. We're going to be sharing our real life experiences. Loaded with teachable moments. Listen to up on game with me. Lavar arrington tito richmond's outta and put toco burs on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast from support for this podcast comes from invent together. According to studies less than thirteen percent of all inventors who hold a us patent are women. Black and hispanic college graduates patent at half the rate of their white counterparts. But we can fix that by increasing participation in innovation and patenting by underrepresented groups. It would quadruple. The number of american inventors and increase annual gdp by almost one trillion dollars. Invent together is a coalition of organizations companies. Universities and concerned citizens committed to ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to invent and patent because the more diverse. The american patent system gets the stronger and more successful. our nation will become. What can you do to help. Diverse inventors patent and unleash economic opportunity. Find out at invent together dot org learn more and take action today. This is miami's own. Dj f. co host of the drink champs podcast on the black effect podcast network and iheartradio every week. Norian i sit down with the most legendary artists producers and icons in the music industry and the culture at large so if you like to hear some legendary stories learn some hip hop history or just wanna have a good laugh. Make sure you go to subscribe to drink champs on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast of the day check this out. Good role cares across the line. Open right circle. Five point three seconds. David who i love the juxtaposition of the play by play and the color analyst the excitement and then the color analyst is jobs in one or two words there. That's your play of the day. It's courtesy of nine seventy wfl enlightening radio network. By the way tampa bay was outshot. Forty three to twenty three. That's the first team since twenty sixteen to win a stanley cup. Final game despite being outshot by at least twenty shots play of the day. Play of the day is brought to you by the great folks at him. Drive 'em dry boost and burn supplement. That can help you. Shed pounds build muscle visit him. Dr dan dot com free shipping. Sixty day guarantee. Don't let age beach. Refined your prime with 'em dr paul when iowa leads his off paul. What's on your mind today. Hey dan it's hard to think after last night of an nba player that has changed their narrative in their stock Historically you know in one season like chris paul has done. I don't know a lot of people that would have said he's worth forty four million next year. You know even midway through the season but now i think no matter. What whether the suns win or lose the finals. I think he's going decline. The forty four million which he has to do in exactly one month from now he doesn't have a lot of time. So this is gonna come soon. I think he's going to decline it and go to la. Play with the banana boat. Buddy lebron james and the lakers. It's not a crazy idea. Thank you paul. But i think he's already said that he's going to turn down the forty two million dollar extension and i think there are reports initial reports. That maybe he would look at a three year. One hundred million dollar deal at age thirty six. This is the biggest game of his career and it came at the most important time and to be able to do that to send your team to the nba finals and still have more of a script left to be written. I mean that's that's pretty impressive. Is that changes. A whole lot with chris paul so i can't win the big one. He's always injured not well liked and then all of a sudden he starts on these state farm commercials and people start to like him a little bit more but he's bounced around. He was in houston. Oklahoma city was with the clippers. It was in new orleans. He's he's been around nearly became a laker. The commissioner turned down that trade from the pelicans to the lakers. Many many years ago. David stern did that. And then here he is with a game that you want. This is when great players step up. And he's certainly was that yeah mclovin. Who gives them a better chance to win. Next year the lakers or the sons. The young talented sons. I think if you win in phoenix it would be hard to leave phoenix unless you say. Look i've done what i set out to do and we won a championship collided. This coli left toronto but he wanted to go home. I don't know in chris paul. Would you could say the same. Look i wanna go home although phoenix to. La's not that far. But i wonder if more likely if you win a championship to be able to leave or if you don't win a championship that you want to you. You definitely want to stay. Yeah polling paul. This season was ninety. Four percent from the free throw line. He led the entire league. Say he was one one sixty nine of one eighty one. That's nuts injuries. Free throw shooting. It's crazy to say that what this could come down to. But i keep preaching it injury. Free throw shooting but a titles title. I don't care how you get it. And there have been teams that have won championships. Peyton manning is not apologizing for winning that second super bowl. He didn't help them that much. Their defense did. Let's see we were wondering about this if you could pick a college athlete former college athlete all time and just say that guy is going to benefit or that woman is going to benefit the most from these name image and likeness decisions. That are that are forthcoming here. You get one athlete in college. History that you think they would have benefited the most by capitalizing in college on name. Image and likeness. Todd i'll start with you. Based on his accomplishments and his charisma and everything that goes with them. It's hard to not pick mr tim tebow. Tim tebow good call. Mclovin tibo by five miles because already the best selling sports writer author of all time with the evangelical crowd on his side. T. bowed kill it. All right see no connor just to change things up a little bit. Because i don't disagree with those christian leitner. I think he probably would have done done. Well i don't know if he would because of his personality. I think because of his status but i think it's personality people probably would have a hard time buying into christian. Leitner selling a product nationally. He's the biggest player on the the biggest team or but but people years but people hated duke. They hate duke. They hated duke back then but they kind of they were like a love him or hate him know. There were people that absolutely.

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