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The song. Sure. On their late ninety thousand anyway, great, thanks to the nineties. Hey, if you're out and about well, not so much out in the bow river, you can see out a window, or if you're out and about this is snow reports that I hear from you eight eight eight seven thousand nine hundred ninety four like what what townie, and what's it looking like where we are in old city, John. How would you describe this? It's it's a lot of snow is coming down not ton sticking yet. It looks very there's a, wow, it's almost like a fog of snow looks like it's dick tiny flake snow wall. Yeah. Out there right now. I mean, it looks cool visually. It's really cool. Obviously. Hopefully, the roads aren't to affected, but it is supposed to snow for doesn't look many hours much. No, it doesn't but good. Tell us where you are what it's looking like in your area and give us a a snow report. Eight eight eight seven to nine ninety four ninety four theory on life. I guess you can say like on society. If you will we'll get to that coming up, Shirley. Let's talk to Scott and Ridley Scott your pay. Hi, guys. I'm gonna ask you a series of questions. I'll hang up and listen to your first of all, you know, you're not gonna trade your number one prospect six Sixto Sanchez and bring in JT real mutual and giving up, you know, for a. El Faro to if you're not committed to winning. So all right. You know, real mutual could walk in for two years. So that's my first point questions. I'll just say that real quick interesting. Yup. I wanna see the fills make moves now to substantiate. The talented cheer to try to push him over the top. That's fair. Number two. I haven't heard much about the fan base and ownership are they comfortable with Nick Williams and right field. 'cause I gotta be honest with you. Here's a brutal brutal. I think he's got a week arm. I think he misjudges fly balls. So that would make me a little bit nervous outright field going, Nick Williams. Possibly it could be a two year deal. I mean, you know, do you do you try to flip? You know, if you don't get Harper. What about the kid over in Detroit, neck, ka, ka, stylus, or whatever? I mean. I don't know. And then my third question is I don't know. Why is the fan base are so much against Harper Machado when right now. Yeah, we've made some significant moves but third fourth best roster in the division. We're in trouble. If we don't get, you know, this guy 'cause you know, there's not a lot of guys coming here and everybody keeps jumping on trout. Trout snowshoeing. So I'm I'm gonna go ahead and hang up guys must've to you. Thank you. Thank scott. Nick Williams, John. I it's fair to say, he's he's okay. You know? I mean, I prefer to see better we have seen worse. He's he's okay. And they can do better, and hopefully, they will do better. Yeah. So I, you know, I think that he's not a guy that you get excited about. But he is serviceable if we are I don't wanna say stuck with them. If he is playing right field for this year. Franck are probably the two were starters. It's a major upgrade. Listen Franco gets such a bad rap. I. Franco has has shown such flashes. And if he can put it together consistently can be a pretty special player. I mean last year. I don't know if it was his best year ever it. It had to be. Yeah. I mean, I it had to be right? Like he ended up. I I'll look at his stats. I mean, I think he ended up batting somewhere close to seventy again. It was a hollow to seventy. That's what we always talk. Well because. Continues with the same issues is he's always had. Yeah. I'm you know, he's got a shot. Some guys pulled together. I'm not a huge franca guy. The other thing he said third or fourth best roster in the division. I think that's a little harsh. Look there are potentially three really good teams here and the division has improved. The Braves obviously have talented nationals have town. Now, we got to know where where Bryce Harper leads to be able to really address an answer that question. I mean, impress Harper's here. It's different fills team. If he's in Washington, it's different Washington team. If he's on either team, then it's a different division entirely. See kind of you got to sort of know that answer. Obviously, the the national said pitching the match. So I think a lot of is consider fourth actually have some obviously some really good pitching. And it's a division. That has improved to say that the Phillies are in real trouble. I think is an overstatement. But what I will continuously say as I've said the whole time is. They they really could use one of these two guys. It's down to one of the one guy now because there's only one left, and they don't get them. There's a really good chance they won't make the playoffs. And that's why press Harper would help a hell of a lot of thoughts. Tom in bucks county. What's up, Tom? I was going great wonderful. I just want to get into the whole harbor thing. I don't want. I mean, everyone's speeding a dead drawn here. I mean at this point everyone said, as you know, all the sides, you take on it. But I mean, it comes down to the money, and you got to pay this guy. He's literally vapor. So this generation he's not he's not that Tom. He is. Eastgate. He's not. You know, what though Tom he could be now he couldn't. Sure. Cut it. He's Jimmy said. Okay. Trout trout group. We did it's hard for undervaluing. The fact that this guy is a young man twenty-five like Jimmy said yesterday. The oldest. He's been while playing. Major league baseball is twenty five years of age. He's got ten more great years peak. I'll give you an idea just a quick stat to give you an idea Bryce Harper is one of only eleven players he has the eleven one of the eleven most highest worrying, this terribly, but the eleventh highest home run totals through the age of twenty five in the history of baseball nine of the eleven are hall of famers and the other Alex Rodriguez, Andrew Johns, that's good. Yeah. So I mean, you gotta give this guy the money, and it doesn't matter difference between ten million and fifteen dollars these these people the wrong these teams nothing owner. That's not it's pocket money. This guy going make the amount of money. He's got you give this guy three or four you give this guy. Three fifty whatever it's gonna them where you were you concerned by the comments yesterday from Clinton. Yeah. I mean, I think he's a little concerning because you want him to sail. The right thing is you want him to, you know, be all positive and yet we're getting them these common here. You know, you want to hear what they wanna hear? But I mean, yeah, he's kind of given himself a little out. But at the same, you know, I can understand why he said. Jimmy, something great about the ninety s. Sitcoms. Good answer. They can make some really good answer. Was it was the TGI Friday. Right. TGIF was was ninety late eighty s into the early nineties. Yeah. And you had a comment nineties man because I was in the hotel prior to college football games like coming to and from meeting nineteen September twenty second nine hundred eighty nine for the mo-. But for the most part the nineties like just that very did. I say the late eighties and early nineties. It's the late latest eight the last three months. Saying don't quit. Don't question over here. Yeah. You're right. He gets some family matters. The shows rotate it I think I think Sabrina the teenage witch was in there. I was doing when I was out on the west coast. Strangers strangers was an original one, I think full house. I believe absolutely was and a family matter. Hey, so we didn't talk about what this three hundred million dollars ten year deal. Really does mean for for Bryce Harper. I mean, we all think that it means it's a win for Bryce Harper. Right. Yes. Where are you going here? Were you surprised? I mean, Manny. Yeah. Were you surprised at the Manny price because I didn't think it would be quite that high. And I was surprised it was a little higher than I expected given the stall of the last month and a half and the winds of the owners not being willing to spend money. So we heard they didn't want to give the ten year deal didn't to you know, we heard that the nationals offered Bryce Harper this contract. Ten years three hundred million dollars. He didn't seem interested. I was hoping it was because he wanted to be elsewhere. Yeah. But I didn't think Manny Machado for all those who said that. Hey, Manny is a better player for the Phillies. And I'd rather have him there. There are some of those out there. Not really coming out of the woodwork. But there were some I just felt like he was going to get something, you know, in the neighborhood of twenty seven million a year twenty five million a year. Just not the big thirty banger. Yeah. I was surprised though. Yeah. So it's a win for Bryce Harper that he got what he did me. Yeah. That Banney got you sat. Right. You know? It's a win for Harper's. What he says that while you, okay? He then he gets Harper that Manny got the deal. He got true. Yeah. And I wonder if it's a shock to those in baseball like front offices in baseball who are vying for Harper's services. You know, the giants in us that they're going to have to put more on the table. Then maybe proudly had on the team I feel validated in what I've said about the the players association and all the crying they've done. I mean, maybe Tony clarkin, you know, shot his whole now. I mean that guy's been whining and crying about owners not spending money one of his guys. She's got three hundred million dollars Gary sell areas. Seltzer the defender the players. Seltzer. Also still a lot of players out there. Deals air. Why would you not defend the place you're on the side of the billionaires? Cry for billionaires. Billionaires. Okay. Grammy river, billionaire you Crimea rip. In westchester. What's up James? Hey, what's happening? Are you doing awesome wonderful? Listen you wanted to a weather report. Yeah. Where are you? What's going on? I mean travel around the corner from dick Romeo, and we're having a nice little wet whiteness out here now. Yup. Yup. Tells me it's coming down, very fine. But it's it's coming down. It's not sticking sticking it looks like a winter wonderland out here now, really. John you're not in the city in the country. And it's nice. All this stuff. You know? Yeah. Seventy one years old. On no skis. Eyebrow can walk in this stuff. Yeah. I it can be it can be rough. All right. Don't give me something great from the nineties. Michael, Jordan, Michael Jordan with a second wonderful answer is a great from Chavez who had an entertaining answer in there. Earlier in the day. We just didn't allow to make. Shave say that Davis. Can't go there. But I got a kick out of. Yeah. I another thing we got a kick out of eight eight seventy nine ninety nine for. So we're talking before the show today and John makes a point. Because here we're talking about the nineteen ninety s and John made a statement something like, you know, nineteen ninety s like we're the last decade, suddenly. Okay. So here's the theory on life. And we seem like we kind of agreed. So then the nineties for one thing is the last decade that had a knee. Yeah. Me think about it. If the next caller, Mike in malzahn, it real quick here, we go, Mike and broomball, Mike. What's the name of art decade? Right now. I couldn't tell you. The Mike we're gonna come back to the we're going to let you make your whole point had your phone. Call that scenes, see that's my point guys. We are in a decade. We don't even know the name of this decade is nameless decade. I guess it's the teens would call. No one ever says that no one says. Oh, yeah. It's so we're almost done the team. The teens. Yes, no matter what when I think of like ten years ago. Yeah. It feels like it was just nineteen like we were in the nineties just shortly ago. It's bizarre. And like, yes, the odds you would hear that every once in a while..

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