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Men's zukas is of course still with us of of course jason's uk's fame and we also have chief is here still with us seasons greetings. Thank you that's your seasonal catch phrase of course And it would not be a comedy bang. Bang end of the year spectacular. Without having one of our favorites Employment positions people representing the entrepreneurial spirit on the show. That is right. We have to entrepreneurs who have never been on the show before. Please welcome for the first time nookie and tutti who owned a general store. Welcome guys thank you so much. Thank you scott. Thank you for having us the my pleasure. You guys sound is if you're from. The southern part of the united states is that a correct assumption on my part from southern utah. Yeah other in utah. Hurricane utah hurricane hurricane is the name of the town l. hurricane utah too many hurricanes reach utah. I'm not quite sure what the climate like they're no. It's pretty draw no hurricanes so what was it named after the the i guess the boxer Yeah it was named. After the bob dylan song hurricane about boxer that kind of reminded me of Previous mark so you guys are in hurricane utah and that is where your stores located. Yes right we run a general store and we specialize in making custom shadows of cowboys. A quick question for a general store is smart specialize in something. We have everything in the store. Okay i was gonna say it. Sounds like a specialized or so it. A general store but one section of it is specific. Yes we sell. We sell everything we sell. Iud's we say. These two nicorette sounds like a pharmacy in ways we sell. The status of coblets is our main industry. That's how we make most of our money so you know it's bar carpets general store so it seems like why. Keep your general store stocked. If you're not making. I mean you're selling everything in the general store that's a lot of inventory. Yeah that's a tremendous amount of money going out to stuff. That sounds like you're not selling much mostly just selling cowboy shadow cutouts. They're not cut out custom custom. Sue focusing on this and not the general store part with its various pacific vitamin eighty two. D want to get into the details. Oh he's tutti. I assume that you would be tuning She's nookie on tutti. Okay these nicknames or are these your your god given. i don't think god gives us names. Is your christian. Names gave them to us. God you don't believe..

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