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Guardian has you covered deck guardian innovative deck experts online at deck guardian dot com New Jersey won a one point five so who in your opinion are the absolute worst drivers can be as weird as specific as you like like the lady who said people in orange cars or yellow cars one eight hundred two eight three one a one point five it's three forty eight years New Jersey fast was pretty busy now on two eighty on the eastbound side coming in a good thirteen in New York that's a crash left lane is currently blocked off still of a crash up on the parkway near one forty seven on the southbound side slow now the ride each way this report is sponsored by staples by trapping busy elbows burrs under the car the truck planes into Newark and Elizabeth and getting better two eighty seven north pretty slow aged seven up to thirteen seventy seven south getting heavy or they get a down to three seventy eight west very slow at bird to what he seven had again towards aged twenty six and you got some slow traffic on thirty six west intended falls coming up to the parkway that's it thanks to the being cleared out of the way also one looks like one thirty eight and Wallace getting slow on the westbound side route nine north over by Central Avenue lake would an accident now moved out of the way route one bunching up sales two ninety five in Franklin corner road to ninety five north heavy in this one sixty eight and south on two ninety five in a forty two police said Tiffany removed at the Ben Franklin bridge leaving New Jersey at every leaving New Jersey across us at least fifteen to twenty minutes at both the Holland and Lincoln tunnels staples give your business more for less at staples you'll find the latest tech to help you work smarter not harder staples for your business essentials and beyond traffic every fifteen minutes next.

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