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Timeout. Okay. You can I can I. Mariah Carey bomb coming up. I just really want to quickly just when you thought you've heard about these bridezillas who are ridiculous. Here comes another one. This woman recently posted on a Facebook group for brides about a plan. She was considering for her wedding. That plan is buying her bridesmaids all colored contact lenses this way, there is don't clash with the color of the dresses. So she asks how over the top is it to buy my blue eyed bridesmaids color, contacts, I'm offering to let them select any other color than blue even a rich amber Brown, like mine, I'm not afraid of being overshadowed. I just think blue eyes would clash since one of the wedding colors is chartreuse. Teachers. Basically everybody said, yes, that's too over the top and going which are true stresses, which is yellowish green color, isn't that going to clash with other stuff? Let's have you take out word on a walk five times in a row about. You'll be better or char chartreuse chartreuse that guy. Now that guys nearby Trues chartreuse charts, he's really given that Zia run for its money. Chartreuse chartreuse chartreuse chartreuse chartreuse chartreuse. All right. All right. Timeout. Mariah. Oh, Jerry, you know, the ten year photo challenge that people have been doing on Instagram. I joined the fray last night. So it's supposed to be a picture of you from ten years ago. And then a current picture shows what time has done to you. Some better some worse. Whatever. Okay. Kerry puts this out yesterday. To identical pictures. She's in a role. Here's to be wearing a swimsuit under it holding a dog. And then it says, I don't get the, okay. Tenure challenge time is not something. I acknowledged asterisk picture taken at some point prior to today. I think that's pretty funny. I think she's very difficult to pal. I don't think that that is I current picture. Pulled from ten years ago picture taken at some point prior to today. That to me. Is rooted in darling..

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