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Shop put. Up put her on the weekends shopping on the weekends and I can can't beefy legs. Bad boys out. What do you say, yeah? I can't find him right now, but I'll. You can also send you a million. Wait a minute. We can't find him. What do you mean by that, I? You know I'll email. You does not have legs speaking of legs to be your new catchphrase I can also dead lift three thousand pounds of Jesus wait. Were they unsuccessful and reattaching the leg, and your other leg got cut off. Is that what you mean when you say you can't find them right now? Okay, I went to the hospital I said look either you reattached by like I'm GonNa shut. This arc loose in here. there are like we can't reattach lags. That has never worked and I like watch this and so I grabbed a needle and thread. I put my legs back on, but why reattached backwards? Oh. And they work in everything, but I did it. Constantly, anytime you're you have to walk. You can't see where you're going. That's right and I'm also a cyclist I'm a competitive cyclist so it. Has Proven very difficult, but mirrors to seize mirrors. Is there some sort of a scandal with biking competitively and mirrors the? No I'm not. I'm never involved in scandals because I I don't I look. I'm I'm a really good person. I'm very honorable. I'M A navy SEAL CIA spy I'm a mayor I'M A. Biologist. You didn't say your mayor where mayor with town Oh yeah, It's probably. You can I guess. You are stalling for time. What is happening right now? You're you. Are you lying? Are You, are you? Are you lying about everything? I got nowhere. You're the mayor that's gotTa be the most fun town. Really. Where are you the mayor? And say within one second ready. Where are you? The mayor go Washington DC. That's so crazy. Here in the capital. That's right and forgot that I. Didn't I didn't forget I. JUST WANNA share. Do Live there. You live in Tallahassee! Job From A. Place Zoom Oh. Do the voters? No, you're not there. They don't need to know everything. Over. I did it over to I. I just sent out an invite and I made it so that there's no password so that people could join, and that made it easier for everybody, and then also you know. Share my screen and you get change the background. We know this, but I'm a minimum of Computer Wiz and you can change the background on your zoom call, so I put i. I put the words Washington DC behind be oh we. It just to us, it's so close up. It just looks like wash which I thought was maybe a reminder for yourself to take bath in your long underwear something. Reminder to wash, no, no, no, because you know as a doctor, I've seen I've seen what happens. Oh, like what? What's the most interesting thing that's ever happened to you as a doctor? You must have seen so many cases as a marine biologist and an. Phyllis in. Let let us wait no longer to hear these fascinating tales. You know what I are you hungry? So I mean. You know I'm not a chef but I. am a chef. Boy. I mean I cook I cook I'm good at cooking. I'm pretty good. Especially, okay yeah professionally. You're your chef. You own your own restaurant. Yeah Yep slow bit about. Yeah, you ever hear. That's on under the sea. Yeah I wrote that wrote what you wrote that I was under the person that that Alan Menken and Howard Ashman wrote that, but you. You're saying that you you know you off the top of your head Scott. You know who wrote that well sure. They wrote, of course a not only the little mermaid, but little shop of horrors and Their famous composers and In, one of them's no longer with us. Of course in that's and that's your. That's you your pseudonym knee. We ought. To you. Don't be surprised that we're talking to you. You're being interviewed yeah. Yeah. I. Mean It's Great Music. You're a great writer. Thank you I. Love Music. I Love Music I play a piano backwards and forwards. With your legs back? That's the only way to reach the pedals. and. I just, WanNa like. The pedals behind you somehow. That's a complicated. It's just. It is a complicated piano. It is a complicated piano, but you know sometimes i. can my legs I got a okay not to Brag. I have a very strong core. Izzo is actually not that hard for me to turn and be facing in the direction of of relax when I breathe. You know you can twist yourself around so that you're facing the same way that your legs are facing. Yeah, I'm a contortionist was a contortionist. Circus as yeah. Ha Ha. Yeah search so lay I. Did that Probably Ninety Ten ninety ten? What do you mean when you say ninety ten? Like ninety or two thousand, do you mean from nineteen ninety to two thousand and ten. You're there for ninety days in the year two thousand ten? That's right. The seems like an impossible CV for someone to have I mean a navy seal. CONTORTIONIST marine biologist obgyn. Chef with. Their own restaurant. I mean this just doesn't seem plausible plus the fact that mayor Riyadh's. Austrian Washington D. C. But the thing that's tipping me off. The most is just the pauses that she's taking after every question. She's been through a lot. He's been through alive. Yazdi like I just proud of her because she's bringing a glass ceiling in so many different fields. She's handicapped. She's really inspiration to I. Guess so I guess I should just songwriter yeah. Yeah, I mean that was the I mean? I didn't even remember that it with the pseudonym of of. Alan Menken. Incredible. I have to ask Francis. I was under the impression that you were lying about a bunch of your details I mean it seems impossible to be our. is any of this true?.

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